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Imprints on my heart [ #writebravely ]

Imprints on my heart is the final post for the problogger challenge and I am delighted to write about all the things/moments that make me happy! I am combining this post as my Gratitude and chatty blog post for the month of October and hope it will be well received. Read about all my grateful moments in this month as I am blessed with goodness in people and moments.

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Coming Home [ #writebravely ]

Today’s prompt for the challenge was to base it on a song selected randomly and use that as a prompt. When I set my ipod to shuffle, this song came over and I was immediately transported to a warm sunshine place as that s what Home for me is – a cocoon to nestle in, a place to recharge and feel safe and loved!

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5 reasons why you should write GuestPosts

Guestposts are content created for other people’s blogs but with a backlink to your blog, enabling both of you to garner mutual benefits. Read about why you should indulge in writing guestposts for others and inviting bloggers to do the same for you.

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Disobedience [ #WriteBravely]

Disobedience is by and large a very negative trait but it can be used positively to better one’s life and happiness; provided its handled maturely. Read about my take on today’s prompt for the #writetribe #problogger challenge.

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Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]

My monthly gratitude listing post and this month its September 2017 that I am reviewing for all the good, bad and the ugly!! Do tell me how your month was and if you have written a post on it, pls do mention it here in the comments!!

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The Halcyon days of youth [ #WriteBravely ]

Read about my flashback down the memory lane of my days of youth and whether or not I am nostalgic about it at all! This post is part of the Problogger WriteTribe challenge for the month of October 2017 and the prompt for the day is Nostalgic! #writingbrave

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The Naina Redhu Experience [ Interview ]

The Naina Redhu experience is my chit chat with this efferverscent blogger/photographer who really impressed me with her gutsy speak! Read on more about her thoughts and advice as we chat some in an informal interview.

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Do Quotes have the power to heal? [ #Guestpost ]

What do you think about quotes as healers? Do you think these little nuggets of wisdom actually help one heal through the hurt and pain? Read on as Shilpa meanders through this post to question and seek answers for her pain.

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Tryst with Brugge [ #Guestpost ]

My guest today is Prasanna Kini who blogs with Mocktail Mommies and has written about her trip to Brugge in Belgium. Please welcome her on my blog and show some love to her writing.

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Purify your thoughts [ #Guestpost ]

Have you ever reflected on how your thoughts affect your happiness? To purify your thoughts, there are certain steps that can help you achieve it. Read on this intriguing guest post by Vasantha Vivek on self love and happiness

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The Chef [ #Guestpost ]

Catch this version of cooking love that Varsha shared with her mother and now her son who knows cooking isnt gender specific – we need more men like him

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