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Sex and the City

I wrote this about three years ago in response to an email request. (Dated 14th april 2006)
Everyone is aware of the serial SEX AND THE CITY which comes on HBO every Wednesday night. (for those of you who don’t) it’s a serial which follows lives of four single women and explores their relationships with men and heart breaks, what it takes to get married/in a relationship , stay married/ hang on to the relationship and still be happy!!!! It’s a fun serial and as popular as F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I recently got a mail asking me to join the local SEX AND THE CITY (SATC) group in my city. Curious, I went to this website which is called MEETUP.COM where online groups are formed on the basis of a selected topic and city,etc. I went to the SATC group and scrolled through the members and their introductory notes. Please sample some:

hardstemina Delhi · December 11, 2005

“I want local Sex and the City Meetups because i want to satisfy female but they have to pay for it. i have very good stemina and can satisfy any female. i can do anything in sex. plz mail me at

sanju Gurgaon · November 26, 2005

“I live in gurgaon and want the friend for friendship/nice chat/ intimate relations. Our relations should be secret if you want. You can send me email at and u can chat with me at yahoo messanger and id is sanjuluvforu “
 sexysamit Delhi · November 10, 2005
“I want local Sex and the City Meetups because it is easy to sex in during daily life . u can cont. me at or 9871008382″ 
 kashi65 Delhi · September 5, 2005
“i am a good personality bearing man of age 40 looking to hav fun and love with like-minded female or couple I love going out to refresh mood and activity.”
 Sunny1478 Delhi · June 20, 2005
“Hey Sunny here….looking for fun….especially married women….got all the money u can think of to shower over u….so just fill me in……”
HIGHCLASS ESCORT Delhi · July 15, 2004
“I am a hot , goodlooking, decent and smart man of 27 years living in Delhi. I help good-looking loving sexy ladies , housewives , aunties in Delhi , India and Abroad for passionate sex.
sanjay Delhi · February 23, 2006
“I want local Sex and the City Meetups because frinkly speaking i wants ony money for my service”
Ok so you have got the drift… but I think none of these dudes have.
While i was scrolling down, I was first zapped and then amusement took over. Its like people have nothing better to do in life – lots of frustrated and desperate people out there  – all looking for  ‘ FUN’.
I wonder if they will ever find out that they were on the wrong track all along. I bet they got so excited to see a group with ‘SEX’ in it , that they couldnt wait to join up. And each and every one of them ‘ thinks SATC is good because……..
Just thought to share this with you – I know it will crack you up as well……



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6 thoughts on “Sex and the City

  1. Ah well, most weird searches originate from India. Any of those blog widgets will tell you that. Humor is one way of taking it. Ignoring is another. However when all is said and done, just why is there so much frustration and only ugly means of displaying it. Food for thought there, doncha think .

    Good going there shalz. looking forward to some more posts.
    Take care.

    1. Hey Pratibha,

      I didnt find this UGLY – just amusing!! I am amazed at the desperation levels in India; sadly this is a result of our negative approach to sex education.

      We Indians find the word”SEX” so offensive that we refuse to discuss it with our children.

      The result is out there for all to see – frustration, desperation and mental anguish due to lack of understanding. Thats why we have eve teasers, molesters and rapists in our society.

      What I find ugly is this :
      I am sure you have heard of (if not come across it yourself) men rubbing against women in crowded DTC buses!!! When we were shooting in CC, the lewdness that was displayed there was a shocker!!

      thanks for reading my post – appreciate the effort and the feedback!


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