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I chased a bee across a sunny winter garden!

The sun broke out from a gloomy sky, flooding the garden with some winter cheer and sunshine. Out came the birds and the bees; one caught my fancy and was chased all across from the golden marigolds to the budding roses.

The whir of its tiny wings, bought out the glossy lilac tones which glinted in the sunshine with gay abandonment.

The camera chase spanned over some other winter beauties :

  • the tall and proud Tulip with a warm buttery star in the centre

  • the dashing Dahlias whose stalks struggled to hold up the huge heads even as the wind played truant in its petals

  • the charming chrysanthmums with tonnes of wispy tendrils for petals



  • the lovely red leaved flowers; whose name eludes me now……


And then there was this adoreable darling, flitting from branch to branch in joyous rapture as if celebrating the sunshine

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