Walk In The Clouds

Every time I fly; I crave for the window seat as the view of the clouds at that height is simply breathtaking, magnified only by the sun’s rays which form an amazing spectrum of colors. The fluffy clouds seem to go on for miles; I always wonder if these are bouncy as well as soft??!!!!

This time was no different. I took these shots while on board Spice jet flight to Jammu and simply could not resist clicking the rows of snow clad peaks and the endless clouds which sat at the bottom of these majestic peaks.

I fantasize about taking a walk in the clouds……………………..

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6 thoughts on “Walk In The Clouds

  1. I was really tempted when I first saw the pics on fb. You should send em to the spice jet management and tell em how well their cleaning staff performs 😛

  2. wow sis..u seem to be doing great stuff with your camera..great pics i must say ..if only we could push that emergency door and take a walk outside..but that day is not far off…lets plan something and hit straight for sky diving mius your fear from heights 😛 btw i am obliged to be the 1st one to post something on your blogs..that surely calls for a treat .. let me know when 🙂

    1. really?? then why do we have to ensure that our camera batteries are kept inside the check in luggage- this happens at jammu and sinagar airports. damn the view was sexciting but the phone wasnt much help and canon couldnt use cos….

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