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Bangalore Diaries : Maid-en woes!!!

Something is wrong with me, they don’t like me?

I wept on my husband’s shoulders when the 3rd maid left or was removed by me. And this is 3 maids in one and a half months (of which 20 days we were out of town)

Ever since we moved into the new house in Bangalore, I have been struggling with the housemaids here. Their attitude and brazenness left me astounded, irritated and simply mad! First of all its a pain to find one who can understand Hindi and then to train them to your way of working.

My problems started with Savitha devi – a really smart lady who could converse with me in Hindi – thank god for small mercies, I thought. This one just wouldn’t listen to anything I would instruct her to do; used to come in late and had one fantastic excuse after another.

Day 1 – the scooter tyre got punctured, so I had to walk here

Day 2 – I got stuck in the lift, kept shouting for 30 mts before someone rescued me

Day 3 – had to go and get a metro card made (at 7a.m.? Metro work is still ongoing – service hasn’t started as yet – so……)

Day 4 – had to go to the bank for some work (at 7a.m.?)

And her phone with the fantastic ringtones (touch me touch me, zara zara….) would chime out loud enough to wake the dead, the neighbours and my husband! No amount of asking her to put it on silent or at least reduce volume, had any effect on her what so ever. It didn’t help that she got more calls in the one hour she worked here than I got in an entire week.

Then she disappeared the day after she received her one month’s salary. No intimation, no phone call – just GONE!!!

So, I got in another one – Sharda devi .  It turned out that this one is a cooking expert and does not know how to do house work; refused to learn and when I tried, she tells me that  she can’t adjust to working for me!!!!

The next one was called Anu Devi – who started out her first day by informing me that she wont be coming in today as she has to go somewhere, came pretty late on day2 and disappeared on day 3 – I called security to check if she came in today; she had and already left after winding up work. I asked them to send me someone else. Day 4 she surfaced and told me that she was ill and never made it to work yesterday; and when she realised I knew she had come yesterday, she tried to talk her way out of it by telling me she needed to go to the hospital????

The latest one is Promila devi – who informed me she is from Bihar (god save me) and is never on time, does not listen to a word I say, is mostly sullen faced and sleepwalks the entire time she is here. Day2 she walked in reeking of bidi smoke, prompting me to tell her not to smoke before she comes to my house ever. I am not sure how long is she going to last here.

Just when I was about to lose my sanity over this, I met up with my cousins and mausi who listened to my moaning and groaning and then smiled and said “WELCOME TO BANGALORE”!!!  They characterised the typical maid in Bangalore as

  • Lazy – just don’t want to work
  • Sulky – cannot take it if you correct them or ask to do something differently
  • Timing – coming in an hour late to work is normal for them
  • Lies – they can live without oxygen but not lying.
  • Attitude – they are doing you a favour; so be grateful!

WOW!!! I was like you have just described every maid who has been in my house and here I thought there is something wrong with me!!!

Then I met Varun, hubby’s friend who had a maid story of his. This single guy lives by himself and hired a lady to do cleaning, utensils and clothes washing; she would ask him for a raise every month and a saree. Finally, he went around to the other homes where she worked and discovered that she was charging him more than double from everyone else. But since he needed her more than she needed him, he has been keeping on her sweet side and complying.

This has been such an eye opener for me – I am missing my sweet little maid in Gurgaon. People out there, please treasure yours- the ones here will leave you feeling woefully inadequate.

AAAAAAAAAAAArgh this facet of Bangalore has me tormented to the core!!!

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