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Movie List 2010

My Movie List 2010

I began this year as usual with a movie marathon; further fuelled by the Oscar fever. I thought of compiling a list of all the movies I have watched so far and would do so further too. I look forward to suggestions and reviews from others to further this diary.


Julie and Julia

Director: Nora Ephron

Actors:  Meryl Streep, Stanely Tucci, Amy Adams, Chris Messina

Synopsis:  The story of Julia Child’s journey to learning the art of French cooking and consequently translating it all in a cook book which years later is a cookery bible for the servant less Americans’ intertwined with Julia Powell’s attempt to try out all the 524 recipes from the same book in 365 days and blogging about it too.

Review: Meryl Streep is adorable and simply brilliant as the bored wife of an American Diplomat posted in Paris who experiments with hatmaking, learning French, etc before discovering her love for cooking and joins a cordeon bleu cookery course to hone her cooking skills. Later she meets two French cooks trying to publish their cookbook quite unsuccessfully, and joins them in the effort. The book is eventually published and is a household bible years later. I loved Paul as the ever supporting husband; a perfect foil to his wife’s exuberance.

Amy Adams is not quite the fit for this role; she pales in comparison to Meryl’s superb histrionics. I was left wishing for a better actress who would have portrayed this role sensitively.

The movie is a great watch; the intertwining of the two stories, even though they are set years apart – is perfect. Any cook worth her salt will identify with the agony one faces when trying out a new recipe. Frustration is directly proportional to complication – the more complicated the recipe, the more the heartbreak. And  being taken over by your cyber soul is true for any net addict – which is what happens to Julia while she gets blogging about her cookery endeavours; the passion grows with the increase in the number of followers and comments. But Amy Adams is unable to portray this adequately.

Based on true events, this movie is unique and a must watch.

Rating:  5 stars


My Sister’s Keepers

Director:  Nick Cassavetes

Actors:  Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin

Synopsis:   Based on the hugely popular novel written by Jodi Picoult, the plot is based around a family where the eldest daughter is suffering from Leukemia, the parent have another child to help the sick daughter in getting a matching donor for transplants, blood, etc. The struggle the entire family endures to keep up with the demands of the illness and still go on with a normal life. Then the youngest daughter decides to sue her parents for medical rights over her body and does not want to donate her kidney to her sister.

Review:  Abigail Breslin ‘s performance is heart rendering; torn between wanting to save her sister and fed up of being prodded and poked with needles; she takes on her parents with the help of a famous lawyer. Cameron Diaz is the strong mother who refuses to be daunted by the odds and focuses only on keeping her daughter alive. Every character is lovingly etched out and played brilliantly by each actor. The scene where Cameron Diaz shaves off her hair to match Kate’s is beautiful.

The movie moves you into reaching for the tissue box on more than one occasion. The interplay of human emotions is beautifully done.

The movie differs from the book at the very end wherein the older daughter is allowed to die to let everyone go on living their lives in a normal manner. I think I prefer this ending to the one Jodi Picoult has originally written. Some characters were also removed from the plot; but the movie does not make you miss them.

A good watchable film.

Rating:  3.5 stars



Director:  Clint Eastwood

Actors:  Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon

Synopsis:   This movie is about how Nelson Mandela as the newly elected president tries to unite his country against the racism by turning to the rugby team to try and win the world cup.

Review:  Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is very impressive but the overall plot is very predictable. Matt Damon is brilliant as the rugby team captain who has his work cut out for him; one side is the president of his country and the other side are his team mates who don’t think much of the newly elected president. But by leading with example, he steadfastly brings his team around and the ultimate run to the world cup final is nail biting.

I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting a lot more from this brilliant duo. Also the south African accent is a bit difficult to follow.Watch it if there is nothing else to.

Rating:  2.5 stars


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