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Bangalore Diaries: Elita Promenade

Namma Bangalore is indeed a city of gardens; dwindling now, but nevertheless greenery rules here. The tall verdant trees with foliage spread out wide and out over the roads; almost like a green roof- you could probably grow another level on top of it.

While house hunting here we realised the importance landscaping is given in almost all the builder societies we saw. Best was at Brigade Gardenia in JP Nagar; the fountains, widespread mango trees and bridges and walkways plus a separate park with a children’ ground in it – it was a paradise. Unfortunately, the flats were not so great. The internal layout was poor with small balconies; often only one. Quite a claustrophobic feeling it was.

We finally settled on Elita Promenade – tall white towers with 21 feet long balconies and a huge open living/dining space. We thought we have found the home of our dreams. How wrong were we??  The project has been delayed; as a result there is an incessant cacophony of noises – grinders, drills, hammers and what-have-you. Handing over is still going on in the initial first 3-4 towers; again loads of noise due to woodwork, etc being done.

We were impressed with the construction quality in Bangalore vs  Gurgaon. But Elita has such major flaws in planning that it is quite strange to see a Singaporean builder with such lack of vision.

  • Every Kitchen needs a chimney to be installed; yet no hole for the outlet has been factored in. As a result one sees holes at random which have also damaged the external facade since these are not uniform neat holes. (strangely, holes have been made for split AC units)
  • An open kitchen plan has left no room for overhead units; have seen many kitchens with overhead units covering the large window which seems rather a waste of glass and frame as is.
  • The hob and the refrigerator units are placed side by side – a big no-no as per the kitchen planning rule. Yet it is been flaunted, leaving us with no option but to keep it outside in the drawing room.
  • No space for the RO / Aquaguard has been planned in the kitchen.
  • There is no drain outlet under the sink in the kitchen – very poor oversight.
  • The kitchen sink pipe bend does not leave enough space in this underside; rendering it a waste of space.
  • Lack of planning while installing power points – both 5 and 15 Amp. As well as the telephone and intercom points.
  • The developer has left no provision for window AC; only splits to be installed. Therefore, every unit will have the ugly outdoor units mounted god knows where. These units are quite an eyesore.
  • All windows are either sliding (if full length) or on a metal clamp if half sized. No provision for wire mesh shutters – a must, seeing the mosquito population.
  • No loft or storage space planned; which is a big must in flats.
  • The bath tub in the master bathroom is a big waste of space and resources; not to mention a drain on water resources. It is difficult to keep clean too.
  • No overhead showers; the hand showers are a poor option in such a seemingly luxury flat unit.
  • Hardly any room in the ceiling for the geysers; panels were difficult to slot in once the units were mounted. I pray ours is never to be opened till we move out of here.
  • Lack of play area for kids; a small circle with 4-5 swings hardly does it.
  • No garden space has been developed with benches, seating options – one cant enjoy the garden feel here.
  • The use of tumble edged stone pavers at the entrance and parts of the walkways is sad as it hurts to walk on it.
  • There are too many buildings in the layout; not enough open spaces to justify the feel.
  • One face of most towers is unable to obtain a dish connection as the desired direction is not available to receive the dish signals from the satellite. To make matters worse, people are forced to put the dish anywhere on the walls of their flats; thus one sees them sprouting from all faces of the building in an ugly manner. The roof should have been the obvious choice for installation of the cable dish but that’s out of bounds.
  • Tapering walls, poor corners – all show bad planning.

I had taken a walk around the perimeter and noticed how bad the condition of A7, 8, and 9 is. Infact A10 is also lagging far behind the handover date. But the strange part is that A6 and A10 will be handed in first while A 7,8, and 9 much later – this is cause so much discomfort to those shifting into 6 and 10 as the labour movement, malba/material dumping and the noise of construction activities in the neighbouring towers– all with drive them nuts.

Overall Elita Promenade looks like an envious place to stay in from the outside; but the inside story is something else.

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7 thoughts on “Bangalore Diaries: Elita Promenade

  1. caution, Do not fall into the trap of quality, they make you fall into to the trap by giving falls promise of paying compensation incas of project is delayed . However while handover time the guys will chagre interest instead of compnsation , so be ware before you buy from elita. Do n’t even think of buying or getting into contract

  2. I live in California but was born/raised in Bangalore. I really appreciate this article you wrote….thats the #1 problem I see with most major developers/developments. What they promise and what they deliver are miles apart. And there is no legal recourse to keep the developers in check also..

    Thanks again…

  3. This is a very helpful brutally honest opinion of Elita. I currently live in NY but look to move to Blore and Elita has been one of the choices.. Would you say anything has changed for the better at Elita considering that this was written in March 2010?

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