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Wishing to show off my new macro lens to the butterflies, I set off to the Bannergatta National park for the nth time in past six months.

The gorgeous red and yellow lantana bushes at the entry were so silent; almost morose. Usually these are being arduously courted by hordes of butterflies; blue tigers, common crow, scarlet mormons, orange monarch, etc – all attempting to curry favour from the flowers.

Reigning in my disappointment, I opened the door of the butterfly park. All was silent here too. On past visits, the butterflies could be seen zooming around in every nook and corner of the park- but not today. Even the flower beds were devoid of blooms, mostly only green foliage was visible everywhere.

And then I saw one blue tiger, then another and another – all suspended from branches as if pasted on them. They didn’t even move when I went near, allowing for really close encounter with the macro lens. I soon came to realize that all over the park, only the blue tiger were in attendance; rest other 19 or so species were missing in action. One of the gardener explained that the season is over for the other species.

I came upon a flower head with 5-6 blue tiger clustered on it as if it was their lifeline to nirvana. Then I saw some more such clusters. Most of the butterflies were still and hanging as if in a drugged stupor. No movement even on touching or blowing on them. All this boded well for me since the idea was to get as close as possible. Still I would have liked some variety; got tired of only photographing the blue tiger.

Then I chanced to spot a copulating pair of Red Pierrot and even a common mormon- something I hadn’t seen so far in the park. Gorgeous wing design and generous in size – it was truly a beautiful one.


I was saddened to see many broken wings cluttering the walkways and flower -beds; it seems they were dying out. On my last visit, I could see butterflies in pairs, mating. So I guess now that they have laid the eggs, the cycle is over for this generation.

I will have to wait and visit the butterfly park next month to see the Gen X.

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