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Bangalore Diaries: Pink Joy

The city is painted a new hue – Pink!

Gentle pink!

A soft Pink!!

Kinda like the baby pink!!!

That was my first impression when I saw these huge trees, burgeoning with fat bunches of pink blossoms all over the bangalore city. Its like someone sprayed these trees pink and took away most of the leaves; leaving behind a huge pink fountain.

The trees are the Pink Trumpet flower tree or Tabebuia Rosea – national tree of El Salvador. These are also called the Pink Poui trees. These are one of the many exotic flowering trees in Bangalore and seem to do well in the climate of this city.

The sight of its profuse flowering lifts every heart, as can be seen on every nook and corner of bangalore city these days. And thats exactly how I have been feeling like! Every time I chance upon one of these pink beauties; it feels like my heart is going to burst with joy.

These gorgeous trees start blooming in winters (bangalore winters) and seem to shed all their leaves. Infact, they bloom in three different colors – a very deep pink (magenta), bright yellow and the soft pink. The Yellow and pink flowers are in season now, rendering the sidewalks carpeted in pink blossoms.

As one stands under a tree, it seems to shed a few of its blossoms every second or so; these float down gently and cover every thing from parked cars, to nariyal pani stands and vegetable stalls. I loved the sight of these softly falling blossoms; its as if time stands still to allow them to drift down slowly – ever so slowly, down onto the earth.

I woke up early today to photograph some of them in their glory as their life is very short and soon these will be covered with leaves after shedding all the flowers. I missed out on the flowering of the deep pink ones as their season was very short. But these I can share with you all.

I love this facet of bangalore – the different hues of flowering trees which dot the cityscape so beautifully, rendering the city a character unlike any.

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8 thoughts on “Bangalore Diaries: Pink Joy

    1. Thank you so much Santa!!! I simply love the sight of these trees in bloom; especially in Jayanagar; they are in a line over there. Will probably go and shoot them tomorrow if I can manage to get up early enough

    1. Thank you Anu. I simply love the sight of these too!! glad to see so many of us enjoy it. Lets hope and pray that the tree cutting spree of the government spares these atleast!!

  1. I have seen two types of pink flowering trees in Bangalore.
    One is comparatively smaller in height and with full of flower and leaf width is more. Other type of pink flowering tree with larger in height and flower is comparatively lesser than the first one. Its leaf size is larger in height and width is less. Could you please provide some more inputs like names/Identify factors/ etc on this.
    Quick reply is highly appreciated.

    1. I was in love with it Parul and on my recent trip was looking for it but I thin lot of the trees were missing from their usual spots which was quite sad to see!! I couldnt go to Cubbon park as they are in a majority there or rather used to be!!!

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