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Purple Passions!!

I had been seeing these gorgeous deep pink and purple blooms in JP Nagar on short shrub like trees. The crown of the trees is totally covered with sprays of these blooms. I looked them up to know that these are called Queen’s Crape Myrtle – Pride of India – Queen’s Flower – Banaba for Phillipines – Furush in Bengali or Lagerstroemia speciosa; a species of Lagerstroemia which is native to tropical southern Asia.

The flowers are ornamental racemes pink to purple color with wrinkled petals. Its got an oval shaped fruit too which is split into a star shape and can be seen hanging in bunches from the trees.

This tree has medicinal properties and quite a lot of its parts – leaves, bark, etc are used to extract compounds which help alleviate health problems.

I had noticed 2-3 large trees in Jayanagar in full bloom and marked them out for a shoot. Today morning I finally found some time to head out to capture them on camera and realised that the tree is almost through with flowering. The floral sprays were heaviest on the crown of the trees and posed quite a task to shoot them.

I wandered around JP Nagar and finally hit jackpot in one of the sidelanes where there were some more of these trees with blooms closer down on the trees; making it easy for me to take some shots.

I was gawked at quite a bit by passerbys and house owners alike; guess that early in the morning with a zoom lens – I did make for a sight hitherto unknown to the streets of Bangalore!!

Another great spot where 3-4 of these trees were in massive bloom turned out to be in the Brigade Millenium park where I had to beg the guard to let me enter to shoot them. God bless his kind heart – he consented for 5 minutes; ample time for me to get a shot of a tree almost fully covered in these blooms.

I think these are going to be in blooms for another week or so before they all fall off trees. I am lucky I got to capture them on camera. Wonder which is the next color that is going to sweep Bangalore after this.

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6 thoughts on “Purple Passions!!

  1. Thanks for sharing ! On the long shot would have mistake it for Jacaranda . Or is it the same ?

    Also heard that Cubbon park would be a good place to shoot these recently, Need to plan for one shoot out there !

    1. Hey there – glad you liked the post. No this is not Jacaranda – thats a different type of flower altogether. I am not sure what flowering trees are there in Cubbon park as I am not a regular there. Try Lal Bagh – would be a better choice!! Best of luck shooting!!

    1. I googled it when I saw it in Bangalore. Once I reutrned to Delhi, I realised this is planted in huge numbers in central Delhi – I never noticed it here as it doesnt flower like this. In fact most flowering tree in bangalore drop all the leaves and just support a glorious crown of gorgeous blooms; In delhi and elsewhere the green and flower ratio is 50:50 and so probably the trees dont look half this beautiful or noticeable!! 🙂

    2. BTW did you know that when KempeGowda planned Bangalore, he planted trees of different colours in such a way that the city changed colours every 2-3 months? I think thats one helluva amazing planning and that too in I think 16th century or was it 8th??? My history is slightly muddled up here 🙂

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