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Travel diaries- Srinagar to Leh! Pull upstairs!!

So the cabin crew came up to a bunch of us to explain the working of the emergency exit.
“In case of an emergency, you need to pull the handle upwards”.
” pull it upstairs?” asked a voice from behind my seat.
The steward paused, blinked and then said ” yeah pull it upwards.”
I turned around and yes guys it was a Santa singh! 😉 (No offense to all my near and dear sardar friends)
And he was annoying!!!!
1. Kept talking (and very loudly) on his phone till the last-minute. The steward on the jump seat next to us kept asking him to switch it off but … …………
2. Kept taking pics and you know why that irritated me , I had put my batteries in checked in luggage for I am a law-abiding citizen ! 🙁

spread my wings!!
spread my wings!!

The view  “downstairs” was awesome. Great white puffs of white floating up in the blue sky while the ground was a verdant green of rice fields with the dark green of the forest trees. Absolutely gorgeous! Ah! Why must i insist on being miss goody two shoes and kept the batteries inside!

Zipping down the busy streets of Srinagar – it was so crowded and noisy! seeing beautiful flowers all around in the parks and gardens. Waiting for my first glimpse of the dal lake! And here it is the picture perfect, tree-lined avenue, leading right down to the magnificent boulevard on the Dal lake.


Caught a glimpse of the new Taj Vivanta on top of the hill – cant wait to have a tea session there before I leave. As always, the fountains on the Dal are in full form.

Gushing exuberance!!
Gushing exuberance!!

And we are home . The garden is a riot of colors as yasmin s mom is an avid gardener! I have already started clicking much to everyone’s amazement. The staff must be used to the eccentricity of the tourists staying here or so i am telling myself.

A riot of colors
A riot of colors

Spent a lovely evening having pizza and conversation at cafe Arabica with Yas and a friend of hers. Put three girls together and the talks never end which is what happened with us too. Its started drizzling lightly while we drove back home and hope to visit tungmarg tomorrow.

White bells
White bells

Snuggling down in my cosy little bed so signing off for now . . . .

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