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My Marilyn Monroe moment!!!!!

Ask any woman worth her salt what is the most important part of her beauty regime; chances are she will answer, “Depilation”!! All that unwanted fuzz must be rid of every month; come rain or snow! Wait!! did I say SNOW!!?


Come winters, I dread taking a bath. The cold bathroom floor, tepid water from the geyser which cools down all too quickly and the shivers that run up the spine to break into goosebumps all over – brrrrrr!!! As a result, I am always in a rush to complete this ritual every morning. So, I shamelessly ( apologies my fellow sisters) ignore all that fuss and fuzz and skip my routine exfoliation, saving it for those oh-so-special party going occasions only.


This winter was no different. The temperatures dipped more than before and it was being touted the coldest winter in past 4 or 5 or 10 years.

Sick of being so cold and home bound, a friend suggested a trip to Jaisalmer – the golden city of Rajasthan. Being a professional photographer, he had been offered an assignment to do a fashion shoot for an upcoming designer. The collection was targeted for summers and needed a warm locale for the shoot. The picturesque backdrop of the havelis with their gorgeous architecture made Jaiselmer the perfect choice.

Visions of golden sunlit sands, intricately carved jharokhas and the colors of Rajasthan – all made me jump to the offer. So we set out to Jaiselmer, armed with our photo-equipment (I thought I’d try my hand at it too).


Jaiselmer was warm and sunny in the day but the temperatures dipped by night and early mornings. I spent my time observing the shoot which was an experience like no other. The gorgeous looking models wore these flimsy but colorful and voluminous chiffon dresses ( shades of reds, yellows, orange, pink….), layered with sequins and zari works and posed atop the dunes, while a fan kept churning up drafts of air to make the dresses bellow out.


And boy did they look glamorous – the make up artist was a whiz and their hair-dos were most elaborate as well. Guess the inspiration was the famous Marilyn Monroe pose with the red dress schmoozing up.

On the last day, the designer ( had become friends by now with him) suggested I try out a dress too. The glamour of the moment caught up with me; the idea of having such a pic taken of me was too exciting to let go. I struggled (why do these designers  make such tiny clothes??) to fit into a vivid red dress ( yes, I did fantasize I would look a bit like her) which had an intricately embroidered top while the rest of the dress consisted of generous folds of chiffon which ran past down my legs and pooled all around in a colorful montage. (These were “artistically” arranged around me.)

IMG_9753So, there I was, perched atop a sand dune – all dolled up courtesy a professional make up artist and hair dresser and not to forget the Diva- like dress. I pouted my lips and imagined myself to be like this ultra glam model.

IMG_9740My friend got behind the camera, shouted “ready”, I froze in my pose and then “whoosh” – the many strips and folds of the dress went fluttering  in the breeze created by the fan. And just then I remembered …………………………………..

I dont know who was more shocked and embarrassed – the designer, my friend or me………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I wish I had opted for my hair removal before embarking on this trip just once!! My ultimate Marilyn Monroe moment turned into one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.


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