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Twenty twelve!!


Finally the year has ended but not the world. The soothsayers and their ilk are now in the pursuit of new doomsday theories, since the last one failed to impress!

Every year, at the beginning of the new year, I look back on the year gone by to see how had it been for me. And every time, I am simply humbled with the richness I experienced in it.

Twenty twelve was no different! Sharing the photoreview of the year that has been for me!

The year started with a PS party – the entire photogang and few more at my place in January 2012. An all food and drinks party with loads of conversations and catching up. It was a brilliant start to the new year.


February was a busy month. I travelled for family,work and pleasure – all the three reasons why one must.

1st was a quick trip to Jammu for Mehak’s wedding which was such a gala affair, seeing it was the first baccha in the gen next getting hitched. Eating, talking, clicking and dancing – that’s all we did. Caught up with some old school friends after eons. A wonderful punjabi wedding with all the colors, emotions and food once can imagine.


Next came a day trip to Hyderabad for work which luckily fell on an off weekend. Imposed on Shailja and Sailesh’s hospitality and amidst loads of laughter (non stop), shopping ( bangles, birds, sarees, pearls..) and of course the famous “biryani”, the trip was an awesome break with the devilish duo.

untitled folder1

And then the break to Ranthambore.  I went on a tiger trail to Ranthambore and fell in love with T-28, a truly majestic and fearsome beast who graced us with his presence. The surprise of the trip was the Ranthambore fort – an exquisite piece of architecture; not highlighted much in the guidebooks. The trip to and fro was fraught with snores, freaking cold wind in the general compartment, nudgy-pokey people all -too-willing to fall upon you and the marathon from railway station to the bus stand – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


March was the trip to Udaipur to capture the Mewar festival.  Lines of colorfully decked deities adorned the steps of Gangaur ghat where the entire procession congregated to offer worship. Local women, garbed in their wedding fineries – young and old alike, flocked the ghat. Blessings were sought for an eligible match and/or for a happy married life. Udaipur city palace, Kumbhalgarh fort ,Chittorgarh Fort and Jain temple at Ranakpur were the other highlights of this delightful trip.


Then came the bday celebrations with some of my nearest & dearest ones. A party at my house with an experiment at making lasagna – a culinary disaster like none other!!

1Happy bday 2012

May & June was moving house! Phew!!!!!

July ended with a fun trip to Mt Abu where we ate and lazed without any guilt. The only time we did exert ourselves was to visit the famous Dilwara temples. I was disappointed by their supposed splendour. In my opinion, the Jain temple at Ranakpur was far more impressive and well designed.


Magic affair in August with a party with Nam di & her folks at Magique! A fun evening with loads of great “drinking” moments which shall remain unchronicled!!!!


Next I landed into paradise with a trip to Kashmir and then Ladakh by road thereon. The monasteries, nature, mountains, passes and the roads left me spell-bound and aching for more. I am infected by the Ladakh bug now and hope to travel some more there in this new year too.


October was the Durga puja food walk where I connected with some lovely like-minded folks and tasted some oh-not-so-out-of-the-world bengali cuisine. But the bustling pandals, the decor and the festive mood more than made up for the food.

IMG_9055 copy

November was a delight with some family time on Diwali in Mumbai. And I got to explore some of  Mumbai too. Best part was the trip to wine country – Nasik where in I got to visit the Sula vineyards (but that is another blog soon enough)


Closure from the personal relationship was the first good news in this month. Had to party and did with my perfect couple at Bahaus with plenty of margaritas!

untitled folder

Then came my X-mas parties!! No christmas carols but plenty of spirits!! Discovered the true joys of “narangi” with some experimental mojitos – Cheers!!

1xmas party

So drinks, photo-session and mad dancing were the order of the night. The night ran into day break and the gossip wouldn’t stop.

Bottled my first ever spice and narangi Vodka which was a hit at the new year party.. But the narangi fever continued with the mojitos by popular demand. And again the drinks, photo-session and gossip merged the night into morning without a stop. Amazingly good time to ring in a New year, fresh with hopes and joys!

Cheers guys and wish you a very fruitful, joyous and peaceful Twenty Thirteen!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Twenty twelve!!

  1. Shalini this is awesome … actually its inspiring to remember the best moments all year long .. WOW … you write like a dream .. lovely to read your posts ..muaahhh!!!

  2. Thanks so much Sailesh – love the compliments from you everytime around! Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog and writing such lovely things for it too. muaaaah right back at ya!!

  3. just read this…its a cool way to remember the year gone by and adding visuals is just cheery on the cake….loved it..,,keep it up and i think you should actually look at a job in publications….:)

  4. Wow!!! Shalu really get into a job where this is ur profession….sm travel magazine or smthn….it was wonderful reading this…sorry got to it a lil late 🙁
    but it was awesome to look back on the year 🙂 and u do it brilliantly!
    take a bow! 🙂
    lots of love

    1. Wow – thanks so much Shubhs!! I know that with all your work and stuff, this time you took out to read my blog means soooooooo much to me!! thank you my doll – more muffins for you soon!! So please dont apologise for…… Just so happy that you read my blog. YAY!!!

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