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Dragonflies in my backyard!

One memory of my school days is when we would go back to school after 2 months of summer vacations, the monsoon would be upon on us and the school playground would be over run by wild grass which at some points would be knee-high. It would take the school gardeners a few weeks to bring this under control. And this wild grass would beckon droves of bugs zipping through it – one in particular was the dragonfly.


These super fast bugs would be zooming up – down and all around with great bursts of speed or would simply hover in mid-air , as if suspended by some invisible gossamer threads. As kids we would call them “helicopter bugs” as that’s what they reminded us of.


This memory came back to me yesterday when I noticed a swarm of dragonflies flying around my terrace. They would dip down to the tall grass in the empty plots below and then suddenly speed up to fly above my terrace.

Helicopter bugs
Helicopter bugs
Dragonflies are the fastest flying insects in the world and one can appreciate this when you see them soaring around with great bursts of speed. I had a tough time trying to photograph them because of this as they kept eluding my camera lens. But the sight of them refreshed my old memories of school and summer!!

Zip Zap Zoom!!
Zip Zap Zoom!!
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