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Low cost airfare – no more!!


En route to Mumbai today, I stepped up at the Spicejet counter to get my boarding pass. As is my habit, I requested for the emergency exit seat. Imagine my shock, when the lady asked me to pay 500/- for it!!!

Yes!! There is a charge now for the emergency exit seat. Not long ago, cabin crew could be heard pleading, cajoling to one of the passengers to occupy emergency exit seat as, as per the guidelines, during take off and landing, these have to be manned. But since these are non reclining and one can’t keep handbag, etc on oneself while seated here, most people were reluctant to sit here. I love them for the leg room as they made for un-claustrophobic air travel for me. Alas! The airlines have cottoned on to my (and many others) ploy and decided to cash in on it.

I was aghast and made my feelings known to the airline personnel checking me in and she informed me that some other airlines are also charging for a window and aisle seats as well.

Wow! This is all news to me and am sure to many others.

I remember the time air travel had suddenly become affordable and viable to most of us who preferred train travel up until then.

Now that we are converted to it, comes the stinger. Long waits/re-scheduling of flights, paid meals, less baggage, 200-250 INR charged per kg for extra baggage, 200 INR for a printout of the ticket and now payment for seat preference.

Not to mention the rip off being perpetrated by the private cab companies and Airport authorities in the guise of charging 80/- from the passengers for airport parking charges which are added to the cab fare.

Phew!! its back to the dark ages for me for sure …… I meant train travel!!


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11 thoughts on “Low cost airfare – no more!!

  1. Finding about new fees while about to board a flight can be a shock. I actually view the fees a bit differently though. I think that the fees open up the flying experience to more people. With having the additional fees (many in the US do charge for seat assignments, exit rows, etc), it allows the airline to offer a rock-bottom basic ticket price. And if you are someone who doesn’t care where you site, doesn’t have a bag to check-in, and do not want to eat anything, you can fly for dirt cheap.

    I always get it in theory and like the fees, but when I am at the airport having to pay them, I am not so fond of them.


    1. I agree David that one can fly dirt cheap on a basic ticket price offered by the airlines. But this scenario is different. In India, the airlines wooed the customers for a decade before applying these tactics. So now it hurts since we are so used to the pampering. I am sure, we will soon get used to it and shrug it off as another one of our daily life trivia. But for now, it hurts!! πŸ™‚

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