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A green oasis !!!

IMG_20130901_120324Ever since I came to know that one can buy saplings from TERI on Gurgaon Faridabad highway, its been on my to-do list.

The opportunity came last Saturday when I was returning from a site visit in Faridabad.

I drove inside the complex and was instantly struck by how neat and orderly everything was. A well-marked parking lot, right next to the gate; solar panels everywhere and a courteous guard with a helpful smile.

A battery operated golf cart came to take me to the nursery inside and the drive in was through a road laden on both sides with huge flowering bushes and trees. There was even a dense thicket of bamboo grove with the woody smell of forest everywhere.

The nursery is nestled amongst tall trees and is a hub of neatly planted beds with rows and rows of plants of all variety and all of them lush and burgeoning. I wish there was more variety of plants like flowering and fruiting ones to pick from over there.


The caretaker is a friendly person who told me that I would need to purchase 5 of each plant that I wanted; but I managed to cajole him for 2 of everything. There is a good variety of herbs and medicinal plants here and the caretaker is a very knowledgable person about them. He can narrate the medicinal values of each plants in a matter of seconds.

So I came back from there laden with some Tulsi, basil, citronella, oregano, cardamom, bamboo, chandini and some unusual colors of hibiscus plants – all of which are thriving well on my little terrace.

All the plants are thriving well in my terrace garden and this has become a one stop place for me to shop for plants which start at 20/- onwards.

But one needs to be smart with the Mr. Caretaker as he tries to sell as many as possible to you. 😉


TERI complex also has a small golf course and a convention/banquet facility with some rooms for guests too.

TERI is located on the Gurgaon- Faridabad road, just next to Valley view estate.

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