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Delicious Lunch Box!!!


I maybe a movie buff but a film critic, I am not!! The last movie which impressed me beyond words to write a review was Julie & Julia – all thanks to Meryl Streep in large measures!!

Today, I watched the very acclaimed, talked-about and much-awaited film – The lunchbox! And……… I was blown away!

The movie is (in my words) a pagan love story! They say the most direct path to the heart is through the stomach (well this is what grandmas say to us to keep our man “happy”)! This movie is a testament to that – or rather the movie has explored love through a tiffin box.

The slow serenading of the lovers with tidbits in a note while the dabba is full of delicious food (Uff!! my mouth watered when she was making the paneer koftas!!)

The note saying – food was salty!!!

Next day, the salt was ok but the chilli was……!!

Not to forget, bananas for fire fighting and yes the ubiquitous bowel movement too!

Hilarious! Yet relatable!

The “dabba” was awaited at both ends with eager anticipation for it brought not food (or appreciation of it when its empty) but the “note”!! The food for soul were the little letters with mundane day to day renderings, etched with a deeper meaning of their impacted life! The advise and care that went back and forth; the love that was shared only in thoughts but with so many layered emotions.

The gentle nuances in terms of “auntie” who is a bodiless voice only in the film; Sheikh who is desperate to earn friends and spends commute time chopping veggies; the motion and sounds of the mumbai train journeys; visuals of the trains on the track – so many lively images in the film with smells and textures that are imagined to the nth degree by the audience.

The complete tapestry of everyday life is captured with brilliance and the casual dalliance is made to seem logical, perfect and emphatic. I found myself wanting to see them both run away together to Bhutan in the end; left the hall thinking will they? wont they?

Irrfan Khan is a master at such artful ventures; his rendition of a lonely, widowed man who is at loose ends when he reaches home; crabby and aloof with people and has his life planned out at the end of a retirement from a perfect job where he has maintained an impeccable record, is brilliant to say the least. Not once did I feel sorry for him, so perfect was he with his joy at the well cooked food or his delight at having found a “Girlfriend”!!

Nirmat Kaur was soulful and expressive! Yet another craftswoman in cinematic art. Her portrayal of a neglected housewife who is desperate to earn her husband’s attention is so life-like that I am sure many in the audience felt the echo from their life in it. And she is gorgeous too!! I cant wait to see more of her!

Kudos to Ritesh Batra (writer and director) for making such a powerful film with such a simple story. I cant offer any greater appreciation than this – midway to the film, I wrote on my Facebook wall that I am watching this film and want to see it again soon!!

Brilliant brilliant movie peeps – don’t miss it for anything in the world!!!!

The lunchbox is definitely on the menu!!


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