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Tripping in 2013!!!

I realised travel has become a synonymous part of my life when I sat down to review my year that was. I want to share a conversation that I had with someone over my travel ambition in 2013. I had just quit my corporate job and one of the reasons was that I wanted to travel. So when someone asked me how much travel do I want in a year, my reply was at least once in two months!! ♥

And I realised I did achieve that and more in 2013.

Way to go…. onwards to 2014 where the first trip of the year is slated to be to Benares – a city I am fascinated by at the moment.

My travel diary for 2013 was something like this:

♥January was driving down to Shekhawati & Bikaner- golden mustard fields, painted havelis and vista of camels.

Golden DelightIMG_9828IMG_0012

♥ February saw me on a trip to Mumbai where I savoured the KalaGhoda Art fest for the first time.


♥ March was all about another trip to my favourite state of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Udaipur.


♣ April,May & June were quite travel free on account of moving house which in itself is very much an adventure.

♥July saw me off to Agra for a wedding and the clamour that ensues forth.

♥ August, it was back to Mumbai but a very short personal trip in which I did manage to fit in one lunch on the 18th floor which was floating in the monsoon clouds!


♣ September & October were no go!
♥ November, I was back in the saddle with a photo trip to Pushkar – camels and camels and more camels…..

♥ November & December ended with work trips to Benares and I was both repulsed and captivated by its many charms. But its a buzzing city with some very warm and helpful people and the food here is to die for, for sure.


Some of these trips were chronicled and started as we’ll intentioned blogs but stuttered due to paucity of time and …… Er…… Interest !!!

Hoping to resuscitate some of them this year as a flashback travel diary!

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6 thoughts on “Tripping in 2013!!!

  1. shalzmojo, your blog post actually reminds me of some of the HIndi songs which describe different emotions in different months. I loved the way you have described your journeys in the post. Rajasthan is really worth a visit I guess.

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