Of Snow peaks, hydrangeas and a mutt!

Sonu didi’s cottage in Khabrar, near Nainital has been beckoning me since ages for a trip but somehow it never materialised in so many years. So when the opportunity presented itself during this Diwali dinner, we made up our minds to come down as soon as we are able to.


November is not an ideal month for a visit here in one sense as it gets cold and there are few people around; on the other hand it’s the perfect time since winters are just starting and a winter buff like me needs no convincing at all.image

Plans were made for things to be repaired, replaced, serviced, etc and after two weeks of hits and misses, we finally loaded up the car one Saturday morning and after a twelve hour road trip (interspersed with food breaks, work breaks, shopping breaks, doggie breaks . . . . ) we finally reached at almost ten at night. Tired out, we got the fire started, freshened up and sat down with mugs of steaming hot soup and then some dinner.


The cold had hit us and we quickly snuggled down in  our beds and zzzzzzz!

Woke up at 7.30 today morning to find my room lit up with the morning sun while dozens of birds trilled outside the window. What a feeling it was to step out in the sunny terrace, mug of steaming ginger tea and a view of the majestic snow clad Himalayan  peaks. Their grandeur can’t be expressed in mere words.


Two cups of tea and I set out exploring. I had a ball cutting wild flowers and arranging them around the house, hotly pursued by our trusted canine who couldn’t keep up with the freedom this place affords him.



A yummilicious brekkie of fluffy omelettes, hot buttered toasts and beaten coffee . . . .   Sunning myself in full view of the snowy peaks, only sounds around me are of a huffing puffing mutt and the buzz of bees.

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