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An evening in pink!


When I replied to a post on Gurgaon moms for the lumia app event at Taj Mansingh, little did I realise what fun was in store for me. The invite mentioned the dress code as Pretty in Pink and the event was hosted by WOW or women on wanderlust and Microsoft to launch some new travel related apps by Lumia.
What sealed the deal for me was the pickup provided for the event. But this was the trailer, picture toh abhi baki thi mere doston!
Dolled up in some pinki-ness, I and Shinjini walked into the Diwan-I-khas at the Taj and were greeted by a sea of pinks, prompting us to go WOW! The ladies had indeed warmed up to the theme with gusto and so we had some rich silk sarees, gorgeously layered skirts, gold trimmed sharara salwars, a playful quirkbox jacket, crushed silks and what not! Trust the women to be bold and beautiful- always! There were travellers, bloggers and women out to have fun. I got to meet many interesting women- some old friends and made some new!

imageWe were greeted by the gracious Songita Banerjee , CEO of blogger’s mind who was one of the organizers of this event. Together with Ayesha and WOW team, these girls had worked hard to ensure an awesome attendance (150 or more ladies) food (delicious culinary bits from one of the finest hospitality kitchens) generously stocked bar (plenty of whites and reds) and two drop-dead gorgeous hunks for hosts of the evening – suave and dashing Techguru Rajiv Makhani and the hottest chef on this planet Vikas Khanna!! Could we have asked for more?

photo 2WOW had setup a photo booth and got the ladies to pose with a model setup of iconic world buildings. We were also handed feathered boas, sparkly hats as props to liven up our photos. A video team took quirky snippets from the ladies as to what they expected from the men? It was played later amid gales of laughter. Sample a comment “he is as dishy as his dishes”! Agreed!!
The dashing duo took to the stage, amid thunderous applause and hooting and was quite gracious in their praise for the more than 50 shades of pinks they could see across the room! In fact Rajiv s black shirt was lined with pink trims which, he claimed, were not done to match the theme as he was unaware of it. Whatever, we loved it Rajiv!
photo 5The fun and games began with Chef Vikas Khanna blindfolding four volunteers and then giving them a fruit or vegetable to ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ only. He had us in splits with the witty double meaning innuendos, which were sportingly enjoyed by the participants and audience alike. I must say the ladies were really bold and beautiful all evening long.

New folder (2)1WOW introduced us to some women who are part of their loyalty program as they have done more than a dozen trips with them. The prizes were from lumia/Microsoft and included a fitness band, headphones, phone charger, etc! Very neat looking stuff! In fact all the ladies who engaged in the activities, were generously showered with gifts.

photo 2The apps were interesting, more so when they were introduced by the hottest anchor in town- Rajiv Makhani. Such is his powers of persuasion that he even got the entire crowd to kiss their phones!!

IMG_0693So now we have an app which can test your alcohol level and let you know how tipsy you are – handy when one is out for late nights and traveling too. Another app/gadget connects with your phone and buzzes to inform you if you leave your phone/belongings somewhere by mistake. Another one does a photo swaps and can be used as an icebreaker during travel trips with a large group of people. And if you are lost in translation, then the language app is  just the key for you as it helps you converse like the natives.

photo 1The one I loved the best were the photo apps which correct your pics. So imagine getting that perfect pose and someone walks in front of you just when your friend clicked the pic? Grrrr! Right? Well, now you have this great app that lets your remove that person and voila your pic is back to normal or rather great! Same thing if someone photo-bombs your pic! Do check out this app ladies for your next trip.
The two dudes were mobbed by the ladies when they succumbed to the lumia challenge of seeing how many people can they fit in a selfie! Needless to say, there was a pink stampede to get in the pic! I am looking forward to seeing the result of the same – hope they get put up somewhere.

IMG_1106(this pic has been contributed by one of the ladies from the event- muchos gracias!)
Next blindfold session by the chef (yeah, seems he is really into this ) he made participants taste desserts and guess the ingredients. He even asked the ladies if they preferred to be fed by spoon or his hand – Ahem! One lady was gung-ho for the latter and he obliged!!! Ahem! Ahem!

IMG_0692He then proceeded to dance with each of the ladies – sigh! And when a lady named Simran came on the stage, he serenaded her – obvious choice of song was DDLJ tumhe dekhna toh yeh jaana Sanam! Move over Bollywood heroes- this guy is serious competition!

New folderThe most interesting part of the evening was the preview trailer of 50 shades of grey which was played out for the ‘selected’ audience i.e, the pink ladies! Hmmm!! I am looking forward to this movie now though not sure how many ‘cuts’ will be there in it when its finally released for Indian audiences!

photo 1The evening ended with chef Vikas not only introducing his book but also gave free copies to all present and signed them too! Needless to say he was mobbed for selfies and such for which he posed ceaselessly and charmed and wooed all! Man he has some energy and patience!

New folder1

(I am one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get a copy of the book as the ladies mobbed the organisers and well, things went a bit awry from there) But it was heart warming to see the chef graciously pose and sign for each and every lady! Hats off to your stamina for selfies!


I cannot thank my stars, the organisers, Women on Wanderlust, BloggerMind  and the two hunks for truly rocking my Saturday evening! I look forward to more such interesting events.










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