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2014- another year down!

My customary blog post on the year gone by is a bit delayed this year as I wanted to catch up one on one with friends first………..

So my new years eve was spent with one of my dearest cousin who is actually a soul sister despite a decade of age difference! A customary visit to the most happening spot in Gurgaon these days – cyber hub was a must. Tried out the rapid metro for the first time as we knew traffic and parking would be hell ( it was). Shocked by the fare cost of this metro system in comparison to Delhi metro but impressed by the stations and the coaches!

imageFirst stop was Amici which let us down with a stale banoffee pie ( cream was so off in taste and smell….). Next stop was California Kitchen which was average in food taste and service! Heading home, we gasped in shock at the sea of red dots on the highway towards Gurgaon. Choc-a-bloc traffic for miles! Thank god we took the metro!

imageSlipped into comfy pjs at home before popping a bottle of bubbly and settled down on a marathon gossip session. Midnight was celebrated with lighting sky lanterns, accompanied by the strains of Hindi songs from the 90s from a terrace party nearby – complete first for both of us and what a blast it was!



Off flew our lanterns full of hot air and our hopes for a great year ahead! So heres wishing everyone a warm, enthusiastic and happy new year full of indulgences and abundances!!!!

image2015 –  here I come!!!!

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