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Avian visitors in my garden!

Winter mornings are generally fogged out these days, creating shadowy figures out of buildings and trees. The sun peeps out late or not at all. All the reasons for not stepping onto the terrace but for the bird song that reasonates around.

I am an avid bird watcher and love to capture them with my camera lens. One of the birds that fascinates me loads is the Kingfisher. The iridescent blues of its feathers lure me to click the shutter umpteen times. Imagine my delight when I spotted this white breasted kingfisher swooping around my terrace. It comes almost everyday without fail to grace me with its azure presence.

edit2Another visitor who surprised me was the Rufous Treepie that belongs to the Corvus family and has an amazing musical call which makes it quite conspicuous. Love this bird for its cinnamon colorings and the long whimsical tail.


_MG_2361A purple sunbird comes without fail to prance among the night jasmine flowers while its wings glint the sunlight prominently. It’s a delight to see it hovering and fluttering while draining the flowers of its nectar.

_MG_2371A laughing dove which is basically a smallish pigeon with varied colours in its feathers. I found this one flitting around on the railing the other day.

_MG_2387Bulbuls with their characteristic traits of red and yellow vents on the underside of the tail, have quite a charismatic call and evoke a musical note in me every time I hear them trill out.

editAnd then there are the Indian Robin with their erect tails, held high and continuous being pumped while they hop around.

_MG_2284Well! here is to wishing more and more of these avian creatures flit around my tererace and backyard all winters long.





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