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Banoffee Pie – a whimsical gluttony!

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On a recent trip to nainital, I happened to order a banoffee pie at the famous sakleys restaurant on the Naini lake front. Mmmmmmmmm was the verdict with mouth filled till the last bite.

I decided to replicate this dessert, purely on taste and of course whim! “How difficult could it be”,mused the gourmand in me! Superemly confident on my tastebuds, I collected the ingredients and set about assembling the greatest banoffee pie ever created!


One packet of digestive biscuits crushed with a knob of butter

Four medium size bananas, sliced

cocoa powder

Vanilla essence

200 ml pack of Amul cream

2tbsp of powdered sugar

1 can of milkmaid

Choco chips, berries, dry fruits as optional for a sprinkle


Crush the digestive biscuits in a mixie with a knob of butter, till its  crumbly and slightly holding. Press this into a shallow square dish ( glass / metal/ plastic) and chuck this into the freezer to allow the butter to set and firm up the base.

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Now lay a layer of the cut banana slices on the biscuit base in a random manner till the entire base is covered. You could use more bananas if you are fond of them.

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Sprinkle a tbsp of cocoa powder on the banana slices to add some chocolate flavour in the dish. Again, you could increase this quantity. I know I will next time.

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Now comes the best part!

Its time to spread the DDL or the caramalised milkmaid onto the bananas. If its too thick, loosen it a bit on a double boiler, till slightly runny in consistency.

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Whip up the cream with 1-2 tbsp of powdered sugar and 1 cap full of vanilla essence til its stiff.

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Spread this over the DDL. Do ensure that the DDL has cooled down or else the cream might split or become runny.

Decorate with some chocochips or cranberries or dryfruits of your choice for an added crunch and texture to the dish.

photo 3

Let this set overnight or 6 hours in the fridge before digging into it.


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2 thoughts on “Banoffee Pie – a whimsical gluttony!

    1. Ha ha Amrita- I know what you mean. Just the condensed milk toffee is divine- nothing else, just make that and serve with brownies or icecream or warm cake….

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