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2015 is my year of stepping into the fourth decade of my life; its apt that my new year mantra be Forty – Fit & Fabulous! A couple of resolutions towards this step is to buy organic, fresh and seasonal fruits & veggies and to bake my own breads of flours, other than processed flour or maida!

_MG_2388So when I got a mail to attend the #keepfoodsafe campaign; it seemed in keeping with my new mantra. Off I went to India Habitat Centre to an event organised by #TetraPakIndia. That #ChefVikasKhanna was the special guest, was of course the cherry on the cake!

Event started with the Emcee checking the #nutritionquotient  (NQ) of the audience, an educational initiative launched by #TetraPak to educate people to #keepfoodsafe.

kk#TetraPakIndia is also looking for ten safe food ambassadors for this campaign across India. So ladies you could register onto the website for your certified online course on Nutrition quotient and who knows you could be the one in ten.

You could log in here to know the details

fgAn excellent presentation by Health nutritionist Ritika Sammadar about some key points on health and nutrition, found resonance with the audience since these are facts we are all well versed in but seem to forget in our haste, deadlines and convenience. Among other things, I learnt that boiling the milk (as is our norm) kills the nutrients in it!!!!!

You could connect with her more on this here edit3Next Mr. Kandarp Singh ( MD -Southeast Asia for Tetra Pak) took the stage to talk about “Tertra Pak”, the company and not to be confused with the packaging! He elucidated about the packaging techniques and UHT or ultra high temperature technique for preserving milk.

Do check out

mmListening to all these people wax eloquently about packaged food and its goodness, was an eye opener for me. Like many others, I was convinced that packaged food means preservatives – right?

Wrong! The six layer packaging makes for a safe and secure environment for the foodstuff which can then be stored for months before consumption. WOW! So the fruit juices packed in Tetra Pak dont have added sugar and actually are as good as fresh juice.

_MG_2409The audience perked up when the debonair Chef walked onto the stage, sans the microphone. Hilarity ensued while he was being kitted out. He literally takes the world…er..stage by the storm and today was no exception. Talking about food safety with witty anecdotes of his own, he made heartfelt requests to all to sign up for the campaign and do their bit in spreading the word.

edit4He even prepared a “special” drink for the occasion. Grated sweet potato (shakargandi) with tea, milk, orange juice, honey and hold your breathe, chaat masala!!!!  There was a huge demand by the audience to “taste” the ambrosia created by Chef Vikas Khanna. Yours truly did take a sip – Eyuck!!! was my verdict. But then I am a milk hater. (Sorry Chef) I could hear the other taster’s comments:

” Could use more honey!” “Should have been chilled!” “Chaat Masala needs to be added more!”

Suffice to say, the entertainment was full on!’

edit5All the bloggers got a special one-on-one session with the chef where he once again elaborated on the need for food safety. Our “chalta hai” attitude of shrugging off important things needs to change with respect to health and nutrition. “Food safety is no one’s concern , but my own”, was the underlined message from the Michelin star Chef.

We agree Chef and do raise a toast (of the deadly concoction prepared by you) to further this campaign onwards.









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