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Poo’s Puppy love

Five little puppies, mewing in the cold of Delhi winters, found a loving heart – Poo! Much loved and adored herself, my niece adopted the stray dog and her pups with so much love and care that even her parents are surprised by it.


Such is her dedication that midnight howls would have her leaping out of her cosy bed to go check on her darlings; never mind the cold! And they love her too with all of their tiny hearts and being.

When a neighbour picked up a pup to play, it sent up such heart-rending cries that had Pooja running back from her car to check on them. Once she took him in her hands, all was wonderful in the little one’s world!

You can see the little ones frisking around, just waiting for her to put in an appearance. Having a pet of her own, she can still find heart for these strays is amazing to see. Not that her faithful mutt thinks too much of these ‘freeloaders’ who seem to be mooching shamelessly on his mistress’s affection and time!


Now she is trying to find good loving homes for them and mercifully a few have been adopted. With their caramel and chocolate color tones and melt -in-your-heart eyes, they are a little difficult to resist. On top of that their friskiness, never fails to put a big smile on anyone’s face! Three down and two more to go!

Kudos to such good Samaritans and their family who have instilled such hearty values in them!

In case you would like to adopt one of these adorable little tykes, you can drop a mail to


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