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A mad hatter in march

01.01.2015 Since past couple of years, a new trend had emerged in my life as most of my friends, cousins, peers, etc had reached ‘that’ milestone of turning 40! Big celebrations for ‘THE’ 40th naming day with great pomp and show had become the norm around me. ‘That won’t be me,’ disdained the sensibility in me! I mean come on, this was ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I love my bday and have spent most of them in special ways. My grouse is with the overt hoo-ha attached to this number. My logic was I will celebrate it like the many before and also after this number!!! Two months of twenty fifteen rolled by without so much of a glance and I find myself in March – my bday month! The tune has thus changed, (Ahem!) and I find myself contemplating ‘THE’ milestone as such with a reverence that is unusual for me. My resolution, nay wish list is to celebrate each day of this month with great zeal and gusto, build up the crescendo with travel madness, social-ness, selfies, pamper sessions, and more to lead upto an intimate dinner party with the innermost circle! (Yes I have succumbed to the glamour attached by many towards this turn of the decade.) Have made my many plans to pamper moi and the first one on the list is a travel trip. I have also decided to keep a blog diary of sorts for as many days as possible (succumbed is an understatement , I know!!! ☺️) The first day of the month started with me being on a train to Dehradun. Icing on the cake turned out to be the ultra gorgeous weather due to the unseasonal rains. I travelled the six hours, earphones plugged in (mushy music  ) and nose pressed to the window to drink in the romance of the rainy countryside, imagination in hyperdrive. Puffs of snowy white smoke gushing out of the big industrial chimneys at Daurala, reminded me of  cotton candy! The vista of thin wiry leafless trees standing tall and silent  in neat rows , seemed like a solemn meet of a clan to express solidarity!   The music went on while I merrily clicked pics and hummed away to glory – I could see the bemused expressions of my fellow travellers, most of who either dozed or read the newspaper or talked on the phone.  I also started to read and made a little headway into this book but the view and weather seduced me back again. I was greeted with a heavy downpour  ( which hasn’t let up at all) when I reached doon. The weather is wet and grey but not gloomy since I love the rains. Lunch was at home with Bhabhi and by the fireplace! Unexpected and luxury! (Reminded of my recent khabrar trip) New Friends, warm conversations, good food and vino was the order of the evening. After ages I gorged on a very yummy and sinful portion of paneer shashlik. Needless to say the alcohol was flowing and found an easy way into my system in copious amounts!! Euphoric and high, I practically dropped on the bed with a big grin and floated off to wonderland …………… Z zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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