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Haseen aur rangeen in March 


Holi rolled in, dolled up in gorgeous colours and a very un-holy weather! The unexpected rain madness continued, making it slightly chilly but with plenty of bright sunshine! I am not the biggest fan of this festival- infact I find it the most terrible one! But this year is special and so thought to venture out Kyunki darr ke aagey jeet hai! LOL

I started holi with a customary “tika” and nose smudge with Archana bhabhi and Anubhuti in Doon, before leaving from there on the 5th March.

And of course the night before we had celebrated with a dinner at WIC where I savoured a well made Sangria.

06.03.2015 Holi morning started with some color indulgence at Jyoti’s house, alongwith her hubby.

Tihar jail made herbal/organic gulaal was our preferred (weapon) color of choice!

Next was Mohit & Shubhi’s place and it was also ADs first!

The malpua from ajmer was just divine and this is when I abhor sweets!!! Its ages since I had fun with a pichkari and some water! As always the garden was a riot of colors with the spring flowers – kudos to Aunty! By now I was looking verrrrry Rangeen & er….. Haseen LOL !!!!

And then came Shaurya who was down with a fever and didnt even want to come close for fear of ruining his clothes. Smarrrrrt Boy!!!!

Everyone was not in a holi mood, so it was back to the customary Tika – though with the amount of color on my face, even that was not needed!!

Some awesome home made chaat – bhelpuri, papadi chaat and then matara kulcha – Burrrrrrrp!!!!

My car is testimonial to my Holi fervour (as if you cant make out from the pics!)

Check out my Holi Selfie!

Evening saw me dolled up (Haseen rang continues) for a kids first bday party (where we bailed out early) and then tried our palate at Delhi Cafe Heights. Ek Juicy Lucy Burger toh banta tha – man it was HUGE!!!!! Thanks Subbu for catching up with me!

I did end up making a Holi pact of sorts – try to get out on this festival with people who play or host a do at my place to pretend to play!

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