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Marching to Goa!!

10.03.2015 So bday dhamaal continues unabated. Next on the cards was this trip that got planned for Goa with Pallavi (strangely, despite our intense bonding, it’s our first trip) and all thanks to Sonu Di (yeah she is my biggest holiday benefactor these days- love you Di 🙅😘) as she had some vacation miles at a Mahindra resort in Monterio, near Baga beach.

Finally the day couldn’t have dawned any faster, if I could have done it myself!

Swimsuit- check

sundresses – check

camera – check

list of places to visit – check

a book – check

tickets – check

airport – check

Selfie at the airport-  check


From full sleeve jacket to almost no sleeve Tee in sunny Goa!


An hour of cab ride (yeah the airport, train station, etc are all out of Goa by about 50 kms) with two impatient Delhi-ites who couldn’t wait to offload and become beach bums!

At the resort! (Don’t miss the reflections of sunny Goa in the glares please)


I hope you have noticed the width of smiles increasing in direct proportions to the closer we got to the destination! 😈

Room with a view, and what a view!


Now onto planning a girlie trip of a lifetime in Goooooooaaaaaaah! Stay tuned!

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