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Oh womaniya!!!! 

07.03.2015 saw me at the Pop-up restaurant at the Asiad Village – a place I had  been wanting to go since ages. The food was being reported as revolutionary – fig ketchup, pulled chicken, etc! Mumbai se aaya mera ek dost was in  town and we finally managed to plan out a meetup, since meeting two years ago! Halleluajah!

Pallavi joined us in and while we sat in the outdoor covered pavilion, unexpected thunder, rain and hail greeted us with gay abandon. We splashed indoors since the wind was dousing us with a gentle but cold spray. Food, service and even wi-fi was admirable.

We parted to head our separate ways with a promise to meet sooner – We should Mulchand before you head out to the orient!

Pallavi and I had a date with our favourite band – Indian Ocean, which was playing its musical journey over the years, split into two days! Day one the downpour delayed the concert by more than an hour.

We warmed up once the charismatic band members came on stage to belt out their glorious numbers – lustful and energetic to the core with some awesome percussion!

   08.03.2015 saw us back at the Pop-up! Also coz it was Woman’s day – (we have an informal pact since the start of our entrepreneurial journeys last year) Pallavi and I have a date of sorts!

 Some more glorious food and pitter patter of rain later, we headed out to the auditorium only to find another delay – this time not sure what it was blamed on. 

 The band started with Bandeh and finished with Ma Rewa, pepped up with great jugalbandi by Amit Kilam (isnt he gorgeous) and the rest of the band! We tried to head to the stage to try and get a selfie with Amit but he was gone before we could even blink!! 🙁 I do miss out on Aushim’s soulful voice, though Himanshu Joshi does a wonderful rendition of his own! But some things are golden and yes gone!!! 

 A wonderful sunday and Woman’s day – well spent in some cosy company and heartwarming music!      

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