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2 Sangrias, 6 Starters & 1 Eclectic space

When the wine sisterhood group on FB announced a Sangria night at the much in news restaurant Lavaash by Saby; excitement ran high and seven of us immediately signed up. We drove into a secluded driveway of a building with tasteful exteriors. Valet took custody of the car and last-minute dress straightening, hair primping and lipstick touch up done, we climbed up a flight of steps to land into an eclectic place- eclectic, for the decor! (Shall wax about it in another blog).

Five of us made for one of the lounge seating by the large glass window overlooking the verandah and bang opposite to the bar! (Very strategic) We started out with a glass of Vino- White and red – #fratelli I think. (yeah the night is a bit blurry by now).


And then the #sangrias started making their arrival. First we all tried a red grape Sangria which was pretty potent with a full bodied red wine as the base.Second one was pomegranate based which I found young and flirty – all my girl buds preferred the first one; but I liked it for its perky flavours. It was crisper and less heavy than the red grape one. But both were just perfect for the wine and potency – we must have slurped more than a fair share; the guys made sure we were well looked after!

Perfect food was the perfect accompaniment to satiate our body and soul (mind had already started to float a bit by now). First to appear were the puff pastries – mutton and mushroom! We gorged on them till we were bursting but we couldnt get enough – tiny bites of beautiful flaky pastry puffs with deliciously flavoured fillings – all combined to make for that perfect crunchy flavoursome bite. Ummmmm!!! (5/5)


Next was something we had trouble saying as the name itself was such a mouthful – Chicken Ham and Cheese Hye rollers – basically a roll stuffed with all this and then cut into bite sized chunks! These were a little difficult to bite into as everything spilled out when you did so – but the flavour combo had us yearning for some more! Again (5/5)


The Lavaash spice dusted Kathi kebab were a delightful morsel – the best malai tikka version I have had anywhere in the world (I am not kidding) – the succulent , juicy tikka had the perfect spice mix rubbed onto it and the creaminess in the marinade was just the right balance. (5/5)

The thin crust pizzas were like crisp crackers with a mix on top – whether it was the Aged cheese Lavaash pizza or the Lamb lavaash pizzas both were bang on flavour. Though a word to wise; the aged cheese is for those with the palate for it – otherwise it can appear a bit “smelly”! Most of us loved it and couldnt wait for more. (Its sounding like we were such gluttons than guzzlers; but trust me that was not it – we did equal justice to both!) (4/5)

The burgul and panir kebab was slightly dry and didn’t have much flavour almost bland to my taste buds which yearned for some seasoning and lemon if possible! (3/5) We didn’t get around to tasting the last starter on the menu which was the Sumac crusted Labneh dumpling!

Then came the main course and man oh man – Chef Saby is a gourmet wizard! We swear and hail Chef him all the way for the extremely delicious flavours in the Panir and spinach kofta (for the vegetarians) and the mutton rezala for the carnivores! But the cherry on the cake was the lemon which we squeezed and were enveloped with the most gorgeous citrusy smell which enhanced the flavours ten times and had us swooning in gourmet heaven! (sorry but now I am a bit fuzzy about whether the rice was called Govindbhog or the lemon!!!)


The girl gang lingered past the event cutoff but ordered more food and drinks which kept us going for some more time! We ended up ordering some desserts which were just stupendously sinful and amazing! Orange pound cake, nutella puff, I am hazy about the chocolate mousse or was it a soufele and yes there was one more! Ok no more pics and can’t remember the names of the dishes! Time to head home!

Special thanks to the #winesisterhood (check them out on FB for some of the coolest wine events) and Lavaash by Saby – we shall be back for more!



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