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Arty design festival

 Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep. _ Scott Adamsimage

Saturday was teachers day. It was also a day that saw me check out the Arty Design festival which takes place at the DLF Promenade mall and is touted to be a much awaited event! I was excited to explore new designs and designers. And there was a promising line up.

But all was not what it promised to be!

Reached DLF Promenade mall at 12.45 with some friends and the first shocker was that the event was being hosted out in the sun. I felt very sorry for the stall owners who baked in that sun and would also miss out on shoppers as most were keen to avoid the blaze. Second was, though it was to start at 12:00, stalls were still being set up at 1:00!

We did a half hearted round as it was HOT! Our picks were these two stalls- we loved the creativity and marked them up for future shopping extravaganza!

“Socrates said, “Know thyself.” I say, “Know thy users.” And guess what? They don’t think like you do.”  _ Joshua Brewer

Meet Priyanka Gussain, the spunky owner of Zubiya who allowed us to click pictures and model in her wares. Loved her funky prints on scarves and short jackets- water melons, cats, owls and many more.  I thought the hand painted Shoes were the most eye catching item in her stall! They do come with a warning of not to wear on a rainy day!


                                                                        Modern gypsy modelled for us!                                        


                                                                      Hand painted shoes are just wow!!

You can Get Zubed at or connect with Priyanka at Check out their page on FB

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” _ Milton Glasser

This next one belonged to a lovely lady – Simran Chhabra- with some equally gorgeous wares. Her jewellery pieces were a creative mix of retro and traditional but the most amazing part was how light and comfy these prices were. In fact, the lady informed us that she has been rated as the lightest jewellery at one of the design fest.  More power to her!

Connect with her on


                                                                Humongous ear rings but super Light!        

              image                                                                                           ring – a- ring – a – roses!!! 


This lady very kindly posed for us in the body armour plates sorta jewellery pieces she was selling. Man I tell you- fashion sure has changed a lot!

We didn’t have the patience or the strength to wander anymore and most of the other stalls were still incomplete. So it was time to treat ourselves to some gluttony and we did just that at the Ooh La La counter in the food Court!


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