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The pasta bowl company

The pasta bowl company is a quaint little Italian place bursting with loads of good food and vibes. I first tried this place in 2013, when it was newly launched. Had a few delightful meals there, though found the selection to be small. Loved the cosy interiors with pics of Italy and some pasta stuck on plates.

Recently visited this place again and was bamboozled by the variety and sophistication of the menu. it seems as if the culinary floodgates have opened and now there is no stopping the creative and talented team at this restaurant.

Don’t have pics of most of the dishes we have had here recently (since we scarf down the food as soon as it’s put on the table) but the food at Pasta bowl company is to be had to be believed. We dined there twice this weekend & twice in 2 weekends before, and still craving for more. This place sure does full on justice to the pastas, risotto and salads (we tried mostly everything veg).

What I love about this place is the personal attention to detail and customer feedback that the chef and owner maintain here. It’s blissful to dine in a place where they remove your plate for replacement as soon as you mention that the flavour is not to your liking. No long winded explanations, no excuses – just a smile and an offer to change the plate! I rate it 5/5 because of this!
We have tried a bunch of dishes in our 3-4 visits, which are as below:

Some drinks to whet the appetite, our favourite by now are the Virgin Mojito & Tropical Surprise – both have fresh flavours and energise instantly, a much needed relief in this balmy, sultry weather!

Tomato & Basil Bruschetta – wow! We wished the serving is if four instead of three as it’s tough to share equally in two people!!!!


Red & green apple salad with balsamic vinegar and dashes of red wine is, simply put – uplifting! Sweet yet tart, it has the perfect flavour balance to appease ones palate.


Gnocchi – heavenlicious stuff; soft, pillowy bits of pasta with creamy potato filling – all ensconced in a perfect red sauce!
Risotto – once with Pesto and once with Siciliana – oh man, cant decide which to have again. The flavours if fresh pesto lifted the risotto to another level while the Sicilana had unique flavours of its own!
Panezella salad – WOW!! The fresh veggies, perfectly crunchy and full of loads of flavour with just the right amount of bread chunks!
Stuffed pasta with chicken Ragu sauce – mmmmm!

The flavours are well balanced, nuances of wine/balsamic are so finely incorporated, almost as if they are seducing your palate and the service with a smile is just the icing on the cake. Loved the Tiramisu tho the nutella pancake was a bit of a let down & the only bit of let down in an otherwise wonderful dining place! More power to the chef!

Weekend was full of some sinful food and drinks! Saturday lunch was back at (where else) ‪#‎thepastabowlcompany where we tried the veg lasagne and were not disappointed at all! Infact it was simply outstanding for the flavours and just the right amount of crunch in the veggies. The sauce was to die for! And the presentation was just gorgeous!


We decided to give the Nutella pancake another try, though we requested for it to be made well since our last impression was not very good of it. Needless to say, this time it was perfection guaranteed!


The Pasta Bowl Company is located on the second floor of the Crosspoint mall in DLF phase four, just opposite to Galleria!

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