Dilli ke infamous autowallahs

A new one from ‪#‎Delhi‬ ‪#‎autowallahs‬ – this happened at ‪#‎Racecourse‬‪#‎metro‬ station. Three of us had to go to ‪#‎janpath‬ and the first auto guy told us that “charges are 20/- per savari”!!!!! What a blatant loot n fraud – fixed charges are 25/- for first 1.8 km…..

Most of the other 5-6 autowallahs also looked away when we insisted on going by the meter. One gentleman (yes he was that) said he will take us and by the meter which clocked 30/- in total! My kind and generous friend paid him a 100/- since he was so courteous to us and also because he had a bad leg!
Question to Delhi ‪#‎CM‬ ‪#‎ArvindKejriwal‬ -just because they voted you to power, you have given them the right to persecute the citizens at any and every rate? Shame on you for being part of this ‪#‎corruption‬


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