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Slaying the devil – Procrastination


As I sit here listening to the sounds of firecrackers, indicating the burning of the Ravana effigy; I contemplate on the evil I wish to triumph over in my life. Its a little devil called Procrastination.

How many of us arent truly enraptured by him? Can you honestly say no to this? Think again!

Ever since I went freelance, I have been in the throes of this charmer – he does woo with elan, have to give him that! I mean who would want to sit on a boring PC and pound out work when one can loll about (still in the pajamas) and peruse the channel guide to see morning TV action (tell me have you ever found anything interesting on TV; never mind the time of the day?) Or surf about the latest sale? That blog about the Better Indians? Possibilities are endless and this little charmer knows all about it.

So he seduces your pschye into believing these things are more important and before you know it, the day is over with zero productivity! Thats when he chuckles satisfactorily and moves on to slumber till the next bright day!

Well! I just laid him down – no seriously I mean it! Its done! Gonna bury the remains at the undergoing metro construction site – who will ever know!! (Will do it tomorrow)

So from tomorrow finess, food, health and work – all in order!

Fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “Slaying the devil – Procrastination

  1. He visits me occasionally, when he knows I’m at my most bored level – that’s when he sneaks in whispering, “just a few minutes of surfing, what’s the harm?” Good one… identified with it completely!

    1. Isnt it so?? God how I hate I am so weak kneed in front of it. Thanks for stopping by to read and share. Glad to see you agree. cheers

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