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Superfast or Superslow?

IMG_2514I have been a big advocate of traveling by train and have some lovely journey memories too; but some of my recent experiences have left me in big big doubt about their reliability now. There was a recent news article about the scam concerning the Rail Neer where the contractors and railway staff had colluded to supply packaged drinking water at higher prices and raked in crores.

Read about Rail Neer scam here:

Experience #1
Travelled by #JammuRajdhani recently and as is my norm, I dont eat train food. Despite that, the catering boys came asking for “tips” from me! I was shocked at this – are they paid so low or is this a quick norm to make money on the side? Is #IRCTC #Indianrailways aware of this? BTW, they insist on more than 10/- and want money from every passenger – its very very shameless and feels so pathetic! It was very sad to see such a disgusting “begging” attempt in a superfast train!


My friends traveled back to #Jammu via #JammuRajdhani last night. They didnt eat in the train either but requested the catering boy for some tea – they had to pay for the tea (ofcourse) but also HAD TO “tip” the catering boys who served them the tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To top it, one of my friends had her Iphone stolen while she slept. Another passenger in the adjoining cubicle was also robbed of his mobile. And both my friends and their two female co-passengers felt that they were sprayed with something to make them sleep soundly as none of them are able to sleep deeply in the train due to the racket and movement. My friend slept for an hour within which the phone was stolen. The passenger in the adjacent cubicle complained about the catering staff boys walking around a lot in the compartment and opening the curtains randomly too while the passengers were sleeping. One of the passengers had loudly asked one of them for an explanation of this behaviour and the boy bolted.

My friend went to collect the FIR and the cops told her that there was a major heist committed in another train where the victimised passenger had lots of valuables with him as he was in the process of shifting cities. This reeks of collusion between the Xray scanner staff, coolies and the catering staff of Indian Railways.

How sad has Indian railways become these days, especially in the premium trains like a Rajdhani! The X-ray scanner staff, coolies and the catering staff of railways have nothing better to do than scheme, loot and ripoff the passengers! Is there some way to bring this to the notice of the concerned authority or do we just shrug our shoulders and say – this only happens in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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2 thoughts on “Superfast or Superslow?

  1. Oh gosh!
    We all have our share of horror stories, no matter how much we love travelling by trains. I think the possibility of a sleep-spray cannot be ignored. Hope this is taken up officially. Sometimes, it is important and helpful too.

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