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25 Random Things about MOI – yours truly!!!! ( this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more)

_MG_3676cThis note is verrrrrrrrry old- found it today!! Edited it and re-posted it – hope you all love reading it too!!

Once you’ve been tagged, you write 25 random things facts habits or goals about you. Afterwards, tag your friends. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know 25 things about you.

For fans of 25 Random Things and 25 Random Things About Me and 25 Things About Us and the 25 random things note plus 25 Things About Us

1) Butterflies – those magnificent winged creatures with colours and patterns that tease the mind. How I love thee. I wish I was one – but I think my mind is …. like a butterfly I mean – constantly flitting from here to there – Which is why I have such a short attention span ( you only have to take one look at my CV to see how true this is)


2) Books – Reading is a passion; especially sci-fi and fantasy fiction but how I hate waiting for the sequels to come out. (Iram I wholly and solely blame you for this grrrrr!!!!!) I tend to totally loose myself in the book I am reading and only when it finishes am I able to pay attention to anything else.



3) I am going to design the most “rocking” book shelf to house all my gazillion books as soon as there is plenty of space to do so!!! (Its going to be a much sought after design by big furniture companies too!!!)

4) The color RED!!!!! Its exuberant, vibrant, glamourous and just different!!! I wear it as much as possible and have it all around me as well. ( red hair, red wall, red car, red shoes, red chappals, red vase, red gamla………………………..)


5) Friends – cant live without them. ( Soni, shivi and Sim – how I miss you guys and our bachpan ke times – wish we lived as near a possible). My whacked out friends- the adoreable couple of Mo & Shu and even more aborable ( distance makes the heart grow fonder) Tut n sheila!!!!! And then there are others with whom I have reconnected with after many years and the new ones like Sejal, Jyoti, sravanti, Smita…… list goes on!




6) Rain – oh how I love rains and the sondhi sondhi mitti ki khushbu that comes with it; getting soaked in pouring rain; going out for a long drive; hot cup of tea and the balcony – Ah – rains have it all!!!!! ( Sadaf I can see you rolling your eyes at this)


7) Movies – ah – the hot buttered popcorn, comfy seats and a good movie. Its an all time stress buster for me; and if there is tonnes of good company , then even a no brainer movie is so much fun!! ( I have been recently told that its because of ppl like me the entertainment industry is surviving!!! – what can I say – I LOVE MOVIES!!!!)

8) Mojitos, Margaritas and wine – above all WINE!!!!! Hmmmmmmm!!!!!! And then getting sloshed totally and absolutely !!!!


9) Pictionary – the screaming and shouting and banging and the crazy doodling!!!!! Its a total laugh riot and such brilliant fun!! I cant wait to get our friends together to have a session soon!

10) I want to live in a red brick house bordered with green cover on all sides ; amaltas and harshingar trees; swing under the mango tree and lots of rose bushes rambling in every possible corner.

11) The bedroom has to have a window seat to make love; drink tea, read a book , watch stars at night and enjoy the rains.

12) I yearn for curly hair – auburn with a tinge of red and loads of soft curls, tumbling down the face!!!! Oh how I wish my genes allowed for this.

13) Eye Make up – the best part of the face to dress up are the eyes and how I love to indulge in this. Especially love blues on the eyes..

14) Hot chocolate Fudge – ooof is there anything more sinful than this in the world??? I don’t think so and like to indulge in as often as my calorie counting brain lets me.


15) I hate exercising, gym and any such sweat inducing efforts. But I love to walk – maybe I should adopt “ walk when you talk” anthem and set out with a vengeance.

16) I am an INDOPHILE!! I love everything about India ( yes sceptics – I love my country – never mind the corruption, overpopulation, illiteracy, etc, etc) I love our traditions and love dressing on these occassions and applying mehindi.

17) Fat yellow roses, huge sunflowers and sarson ke khet – the perfect riot of color and beauty. I love them all. I still haven’t gotten that perfect shot in “sarson ka khet”!!


18) My yoghurt dip is to die for ( so I have been told by countless number of people) Ditto with chocolate cake which I don’t make that often.


19) I am very good at dilli darshan – taking people around about in delhi ; be it sightseeing or be it shopping or be it eating places. ( Nam di waiting for you to come down – have some eateries tucked away just for you) ( Sadaf – come soon for your shopping trip – its been very long )

20) I simply am adoring the trips I have been able to make this year with my friends – the company itself adds the Zing to these perfect holidays!! nisha, pratibha, yasmin, sailesh, shailja ………One trip I will never ever forget is the one to the Golden Temple – that place blew me away totally. I get tingles down my spine thinking about it. It was a humbling experience – melted me away totally!!!


21) Photography is my latest passion ( thanks to the training, patience and encouragement from Jogi, Shailan to name a few ppl) and my Canon 400 D – isme to meri jaan bassi hui hai. Now I am getting portfolio requests from friends and family – all for free!!! ( Zubin – I can see you nodding your head)


22) Lt. Abhimanyu Rai AKA Sharukh Khan – I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him and have ever since Fauji 20 years ago!!! He is the perfect lover with those melting chocolate eyes and an adorable dimple. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

23) And DDLJ is the alltime favourite love story and then there is Notting Hill!

24) Gulab Jamun – those succulent round delicacies just dripping with delight – can NEVER resist them. Vanilla ice cream from Nirulas and dark chocolates with mint centres are the other two favourites.

25) I love small gestures – “ Its the thought that counts”! I believe in this adage and follow it from my heart. No gift is right or wrong for me or big or small!!! I love surprises ( but I always manage to guess them ……


Plenty more from where this came from. Watch out for the next 25 random things!!!!

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