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My New Year’s Resolutions – tell me yours!


Well here is another new year that’s rolled in and to me it feels that it rolled in a bit too fast! As usual, the “what’s your resolution” refrain rang out all around! Got me thinking – what were my last year’s???


Cant remember now!

So then should I make new ones? (damn the ageing neurons)

Might as well stick to the tradition (nobody will fault me with that now!) And since am writing them down, will remember them for sure! (beat that neurons)

Resolution #1 – Listen more! One tends to over-react when something is said to them; I do too! And then repent the reaction later; I do too too! So starting this year, I resolve to keep it in (even though am tempted to speak out), listen, nod my head more and ruminate over it like a good cow…. er… I mean listener!

Resolution #2 – Clear out! This one is just the opposite of the first; need to clear out the excess thoughts and emotions!! OUT! OUT! OUT! I need to let go of all the needless garbage that gets accumulated via all my fears, over-analysis and insecurities! (not to mention the stress caused by the nosey no-good doers who want to poke their useless opinions into my life!)

Resolution #3 – Mind my own business! Goes back to the first one (well kind of)! So unless someone really asks for it, I am not giving my advise! Mind It!!!!!

Resolution #4 – Books, Books & more books! I want to get back to my love for reading and am going to pursue it through a bookclub of my own! Tried far too many that have been around; disappointed with them all. I keep running out of genres and book reccos to read more – ensuring it all happens this year!


Check out my book club :

Resolution #5 – Passionate about photography! Going to pick up my camera more often and shoot more! Instagram pacts are also keeping me happy. But I will shoot some more portraits this year – maybe once a month.


Resolution #5 – Blog regularly! Well for starters once a week atleast! So lookout ahead!

Resolution #6 – Fitness! Yeah this was on my list last year too – hitting 40 and so I need to…….. but well!!!

Ok so before I finish 40, I will get fitter! And I already got onto it with the #GetFitSocial2016 Healthy food was the mantra of the day – freshly pressed juices, yoghurt layered with berries and muesili, soba noodle salad, quinoa and sweet potato burger………………….

( never mind that today i ordered in butter naan and butter chicken!!)

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Resolution #7 – Travel! Last but by no means the least, travel more…. Give into the gypsy feet and wanderlust urgings!


Happy New Year 2016!!!

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8 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions – tell me yours!

  1. Hey Shalz.. My first time here. And this page reflects you so well. I always hunt for resolutions post when i want to know people better. We give away so much information and your’s was no different. So looks like 2016 is working well for you.. you’ve been taking leaps of faith that you never even planned or imagined right?

    1. Thanks for the sweet nothings lady. Yeah my leap (s) more like it have been holding me inbgios stead so far. Keep reading

    1. Thanks Roms foŕ stopping by and connecting with this post. So happy to hear you liked the writing style. Guest blogging will be my pleasure. ❤

    1. Hey Amrita- thanks for reading this and making me go back to it too; I had forgotten what I had written- maybe I should do a follow up on this post today ;-)Moooooooo

  2. Loved your resolutions, Shalz. I could relate to a few as they are my resolutions too. I hope we stick to the plans we make and let this year turn out to be a fruitful one! 🙂

    1. Cheers to that Maliny! Sigh! Sticking to resolutions is very tough but I managed to keep some of these from last year!

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