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Glistening sunshine


As I lay in bed on a lazy Sunday, the rhythmic pitter-patter of raindrops on the window panes got me thinking about writing a post today. (I know it’s been donkey ages since I wrote something ) 

♥♥ Why do rains make us so mushy? ♥♥

Hearing a romantic medley makes us moon about matters of the heart with thoughts of long drives popping up in our head. And what about food cravings? Hot concoctions with deep fried and spicy food stuff!

I think it’s the way everything turns lush green; its like life is exploding into fullness against the just washed air which makes everything shine like new. Its the sight of life blossoming which fills us with new zest and zeal – yearnings and cravings in my case.

Or it’s the sweet ethereal beguiling fragrance of wet earth that unlocks hitherto unknown secret desires that tempt and tease; setting off the mind on a yonder path to everywhere?

For me the rainy spell is cast as soon as the pillowy clouds can be seen floating across the blue skies, soon engulfing it in their entirety. And the few that choose to descend below and hover like a softly billowing muslin sheer; enshrining the top of a building or tower in an ethereal cloak of white.


I meandered to my terrace garden while making tea in the kitchen and was blown away by the bold bright greens of varying hues that could be seen burgeoning from every nook and cranny. Raindrops spattered on every leaf which in turn seemed to want to hold them forever; some seemed to hang onto eternity while clinging to the tips of the leafy grassy stalks, before surrendering to gravity and dropping in to the neverwhere realm.


As I sipped the hot brew, I noticed sparky glints coming off some leaves and realised it was the sunshine being captured by suspended drops which sparkled like fresh-cut diamonds.


Oh yes the rains……. It makes us see and realise a million probabilities in the most improbable manner.

Here is a poem that i once happened to scribble down while being inspired by the Indian Monsoon.

An ode to the Rains

they fell from the skies in a hurry to reach the earth

drenching everything, the trees dancing in mirth

silver drops laced with smiles and joys

which bloomed on faces – girls and boys

molten puddles, splashing feet

falling rain drummed the beat

out came umbrellas – a colorful feat

a hot cup of tea on a window seat

I love the rain, rain, rain,

It will fall again, again, again!!!!

the earthy smell – divine

bringing up memories of everything fine

like dancing in the rain with friends,

chasing rainbows to look for the ends

I love the rain, rain, rain,

It will fall again, again, again!!!!


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5 thoughts on “Glistening sunshine

  1. Depending on where you live in the world and what you do for a living, you will have a very different opinion on rain from others. In some countries, rain is the great facilitator of life. Not just for drinking water for people and the wildlife, but for farmers who need rain to grow their crops. Rain is vital for the cycle of life. However, in other countries where there is no shortage of rainfall, it is seen as nothing more than an inconvenience. Even worse, recent heavy rainfall has resulted in severe flooding and deaths. In this way, rain can be seen as both the giver and the taker of life.

  2. Hmm whats with the rains? They make our hearts dance and sing with joy. I share similar feelings. I love the smell of the wet mud, and the glistening drops on the window panes, sheer bliss. I feel lighter and definetely in a mood to dance away for hours.

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