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3 Quotes, 3 days challenge – Day 3

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And do not worry that your life is
turning upside down.
How do you know that the side
you are used to is better than the one to come?

~ Rumi

I could not have closed off this campaign without Quoting Rumi – he is a very inspiring sort of fellow no – well at least his writings are. Simplistic in the wording but pack such a punch when you think on them.

I loved this quite little quote about basically don’t run away from change; accept it for you never know what it’s bringing. Change is constant in our life – seed grows up to be a plant, then a tree or maybe not or maybe a full-grown tree which is uprooted by nature or man – who can tell – that doesn’t stop a seed from growing. I mean fear of being cut down doesnt thwart its will to grow – it still does with the hope of achieving what its supposed to do – bear fruit, give shade and maybe fodder/structure to someone’s home or book…….

The point is, change is inevitable. Then why do we fear it so much? Because we are dummies, Duh!!! Damn conditioned dummies.

Seriously though, we get so bogged down with our routines and what is safe / comfortable, that we struggle when change arrives on us. Very silly but a very programmed human response.

And I said we are dummies cause we are happy with physical effort intensive changes which also bring about physical discomfort like when the season changes, we are happy to switch our wardrobe, sun/dryclean our clothes, and then go through winters plodding with heavy clothing and freezing our butts – all the time comparing “it’s the coldest winter by far”. 

But changing a thought process or habit  (which may or may not involve physical efforts) is just not doable for us. Change scares us because we only think of the worse it can/does bring rather than ever telling ourselves it will be good.

Dumb right!!!! ( Dont be offended, I have been here quite a number of times too)

Thats why this quote is so brilliant in its persistence to tell  us Change is good; for it maybe for the better and not just worse! Maybe worse is what we are going through at present and this is the best thats coming our way.

This post is attributed to 3 Quotes, 3 days challenge as nominated by Ruchi & I am Tagging as my fellow campaigners in this challenge as  DrAnshul Taran,  Samjoths, & Romspeaks to take this chain forward. Look forward to seeing some really insightful quotes and their effects Lady & gentlemen.

** I am sorry to end this and so if anyone of you would like to tag me again; pls do so!! But make sure not all of you do so 😉

3 Quotes, 3 days challenge


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30 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 days challenge – Day 3

  1. Hey, Rumi was wonderful and thank you for tagging me. I love blog challenges and I will take it forward very soon. I need to now hunt 9 bloggers to take this ahead with me. I will keep you updated. Thank you again.

  2. A good challenge and a good quote. Since we never know what the future holds, we are always apprehensive about that. Maybe its for the best but until it happens we are in doubt. Hope for the best always.

    1. Absolutely Anil – we have the fear of the unknown so deeply ingrained in us yet we look at bungee jumping for adrelin rush

  3. Hi Shalz,
    You know this is one of my favorite quotes. We are all afraid of change ,but then change is the only constant.And I also believe everything happens for a reason, so let’s embrace life as it is. The known and the unknown.

  4. I love Rumi quotes… They are always so beautiful and gives you that aha moment. Change scars the hell out of me. I don’t like it but then it’s inevitable. Acceptance is the only way to deal with it.

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