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How Wonderful! A joy workshop by Nithyashanti

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On sunday I attended my first ever Joy Workshop by the very well-known motivational speaker NithyaShanti. It was an open session, hosted by someone at their residence in gurgaon (I didn’t know a single soul there; but there were some 100+ people attending the session)

The very first thing that struck me about him was his easy-going manner and such a pleasant smile – it drew everyone in. When he started talking, a mobile phone buzzed in (seriously ) and he paused to smile and say; ย every time a phone will ring, we will take a deep breathe and say together – How Wonderful! No irritation; no admonishment for putting phone on silent – nothing!

Very soon, it happened again…. and again…… and again…… all throughout the session. Every time he paused to say How wonderful, we all began to laugh with him. Gone was my irritation or judgement over this. And I marvelled at the easy and effective manner in which he had diffused something that’s so rude, arrogant and unpleasant.

He spoke of how we can all use this chant to alter our daily life; I tried to envision some examples of applying this and was sure of aggravating the violence than abating it. Dont belive me – have a look below:

Scenario 1

Husband and wife fighting; wife telling him that he never listens and he simply says, “How wonderful!”

(I think he will get shot for sure!!! )

Scenario 2

Mother scolding her child for an unkept room / not eating veggies, etc – child says,“How wonderful!”

( grounded for life in my opinion)

Scenario 3

Household help broke an expensive glass bowl – me saying How wonderful – nope! not happening!!!!

(I will be pulling my hair and muttering all day long)

Jokes apart, it is a great way to look at things which irritate us or make us feel helpless. I know its tough and we can’t look at the bright side of things constantly. But that’s what his message was in the entire two hours – the power of thoughts and how they can change our life.

He questioned our belief of god and asked if we believe every person has god inside of him/her – we all affirmed this! He reasoned further – So then we should be able to look at every person through the disguise and treat all the same – all as images of god! Then there is no judgement or anger or malice – no agenda in how we interact with everyone.

Wow! this was such a powerful thought and took a while for it to assimilate through me; but when it did, it took away some of my anger with it.

An agenda – less interaction with everyone you meet or interact with everyday! I think its a very difficult thing to do and would take so much confidence and faith in myself to begin to do this. For everytime I meet someone new, I am always looking to impress (subconsciously) and am on my best behaviour. This is a natural instinct, maybe born out of conditioning and so not so natural after all, but its an innate response we all possess.

I think I am going to try and work on this as I found it to be very powerful and wonderful!

Nithyashanti, meditation, self help, self love, power of thoughts, reiki, shalzmojo, blogchatter, myfriendalexa, blog campaign, better blogging


shalzmojosays, travel stories, blogchatter, alexa rank, myfriendalexa, shalini baisiwala

shalzmojosays, travel stories, blogchatter, alexa rank, myfriendalexa, shalini baisiwala

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55 thoughts on “How Wonderful! A joy workshop by Nithyashanti

  1. How wonderful! And no, I mean that in the true sense of the word! How wonderfully written and how wonderful it would be to be able to just let irritants flow by using those two words,”how wonderful!” And how wonderful when we really discover God in everyone! Wow!

    1. Thanks so much Sunita. Love the way you have expressed so much joy over my post. Thanks so so much. Hope you keep coming back to read more. Cheers

  2. This was an interesting read. I loved how a simple ‘how wonderful’ turned an annoying situation into a humorous one.

    Though I agree – the husband WILL get shot, and that kid IS going to be grounded for life.

    P.S. I came across your blog through Write Tribe, and I am glad I did. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Shantala,
      I am so glad to see a mention of where you connected with me from – makes it easier to keep a track of things. Thanks for liking my post and sharing your thoughts- feels so good to connect with someone equally like minded. cheers

  3. Shalini this is indeed wonderful. But yes as you said, its going to be tough to implement. Especially the one on les interaction. But then when I do ponder over it, I feel i could actually give it a try. I am sure it would reduce a great deal of stress… Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aaaah! dont I know about tying my tongue- its just so god damn difficult!! Thanks for the praise- shall check out your blog soonest too.

  4. Shalini .. Nithyashanti is epic!! He is so so good. So articulate , so grounded . He speaks so effortlessly and makes so much sense. I heard him almost a month back at a summit and he spoke about – Job , Career , Calling so beautifully – it was like meditation. Can you please let me know when you attend this workshop again? I want to tag along .. woundnt that be just ..Wonderful!!

  5. He has heard quite a reputation. I wonder when he will come to Bangalore. And it is so difficult nowadays to talk without an agenda. I do most of the times without agenda. But at times I try to impress people you know so that they like me. Stopped now. It needs immense self-love and self belief not to talk without an agenda you know.
    Good luck trying things out ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Its awesome to know you are trying it out. All the best with that honey.

      Yeah He is amazing to listen to; keep an eye on his website for the free sessions….


  6. I think it’s a really good practice but definitely hard to do. Your examples are hilarious. I too would probably react the same way. Imagine my sister sneaking out wearing my fav dress… how wonderful would be the last thing I would say ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Agenda less interaction, sounds perfect in a perfect world. I have met so many people with so many agendas that I have grown used to people having agendas and that is not a really great things. Those examples are priceless, If we can say how wonderful in those situations I think our lives would be a breeze.

    1. Yeah Jaibala – I hear you! It does sound perfect but then its isnt really that difficult; just our conditioning is very deeply rooted and needs to be changed or rather removed.

      I am trying to say this in my mind when stuff is making me upset – not working very successfully but its a start I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. How Wonderful to hear that Mayuri – all the best with that and do share your experience with us. So far I have successfull restrained myself from strangling the new maid but not sure how long the affair will last…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I don’t know if I can truly be agenda less. But giving withing thinking of what you get in return is taught in all scriptures.
    Giving automatically opens up the universes bounty for you to receive.
    I would not like it if my hubby said how wonderful after everything.But its weird not to acknowledge the event itself.But its great to find the positive in everyting Beautifully written.

  9. That’s a blog from which I have learned a lesson.
    I agree with you that if we think God is in everyone that we should not express our anger at them or irritate from them, also understood about the agenda less meeting with the new person but not able to understand about the less interection ?? Please explain..

  10. haha! that was a really stimulating talk, based on what I got to read about it from you! I have heard and read of NithyaShanti online, I think his quotes etc. He seems quite like a spiritual master! Does he live in India? I thought he was a western dude residing in the west.

    And to see divine in all is a fabulous way to live! And haha I can relate to the challenges of Agenda less interactions, our conditioning does get in the way we respond, but with dedicated practice of conscious living over time we can easily grow above those limitations!

    But yes some spiritual practice like yoga and surrounding yourself with a good community which is also walking the same path with you does help a long way and speeds up the process of transformation tremendously!

  11. It made me remind of the movie Munna Bhai MBBS, where Boman Irani trained himself to laugh at situations that called for anger! It sure sounds a positive way to handle things and turn negativity aside!


  12. My god! Less and less of interaction, you know I found myself talking less to people since the day I have moved to Bangalore, but I did not have a reason for it. But I think I should take it positively after reading what you wrote above. Thanks!

    1. Dont become a loner – do meet peeps. There a tonne of bloggers in bangalore. You should all do a meet up for sure. Cheers

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