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Life is a journey

As I start a new blogging journey with #MyfriendAlexa campaign, it leads me I know not to where but I hope not to anything less than satisfaction.

I looked around and could see other bloggers already into the gear of get go before the starting gun went off, and here I am still struggling to write about something. I have had quite a few battles (inner kinds) with my blogging journey – almost deleted the entire thing the other day, but a friend prevailed over my common sense.

Then I learnt about self hosting and took the plunge with a new company called host my blog which is brilliant for starters – they literally hold your hand and lead you gently down the slopes of doubt into the plains of success. And of course there is blogchatter a marvellous blogging community whose mission is to make bloggers blog with push shove and gunpoint if need be (not kidding – complaining to our mothers!?!).

So I start this journey with trepidation and dedicate my whole month of blogging to “Travel Stories”. And here I am writing the very first post on my independent little corner of the e-world!

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When I thought of the theme as “Travel Stories” I was aiming at actual travels but as I sat and contemplated it further, I realised it’s not about travel but the journey taken to get somewhere. 

So I delved deep within and realised my journeys have been in plenty from a path of self-love to starting my blog anew to…………….. And that is what my blogging for this one month of #MyFriendAlexa is going to be all about. Let me start with a bit of self introspection and I shall take it further in my future posts.

A few years ago, I was hit by an epiphany – Self love is one of the most difficult things to do, largely due to the guilt we harbour inside ourselves which in turn is a huge ‘side effect’ of our conditioning. A big emotional upheaval in 2010 and continuing to 2012, led me to start chanting a new mantra ” I, Me , Myself which has served me great stead to get by a lot of things in my life now. (The guilt still assailed but I learnt to restrain it down with sarcasm, shrug of a shoulder and general disdain). It’s actually quite liberating to just do things for yourself and feel good about it – try it. Whether its taking a day off from work/phone and sitting in a cafe with a book and a hot cup or just snoozing the whole day or shopping with yourself, take yourself out for a movie – its happiness unlike any before as you are only focused on doing things you want without worrying about anyone/thing else.

The key (as I have learnt) is to make the intention; action follows suit and don’t stress over the outcome because that is going to be there either ways.

myfriendalexa, blogchatter, shalzmojo, blog campaign, travel stories, journey, self love, meditation, reiki, letting go, declutter
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

On 14th February 2015, I carried this self-love further and finally joined a Meditation group which has led me to a beautiful journey down this path. I seriously recommend this for one and all.I have journeyed onto searching myself and my answers within myself. Meditation, introspection, looking within, attitude of gratitude and being with people I love and living the life I like – all been a part of this journey and I hope it continues on like this. And once on this path, the universe has been kind enough to bestow opportunities for workshops, retreats and talks which I could have never ever imagined attending.

In August this year, I travelled to Benares for a soul-searching workshop where I learnt about vision boards , action plan, mission statement and how to self-love and self achieve. It was an amazing learning, especially the meeting of minds with six other women, equally liberated and on a joureny of self-love and healing. My vision board reflects  what my inner mind is envisioning at this moment in the most uncanny way. I will put down another post on this soon enough. For now just sharing the image of it.

myfriendalexa, blogchatter, shalzmojo, blog campaign, travel stories, journey, self love, meditation, reiki, letting go, declutter

I entered the blogchatter and Bluestone contest chat on twitter last week and tweeted about winning one voucher for sure; guess what I DID!!! If this isnt more proof of how the universe aligns with your faith and intention; I don’t know what it is. And not just a voucher but an opportunity to write a post for their website as well. Could there be any better encouragement to my writing skills? I don’t think so.

So on this note, I hope to keep travelling in search of the unknown within me and connect with others who are on the same wavelength. I have the faith that the universe will guide me through the path and grant me what I desire the most.
myfriendalexa, blogchatter, shalzmojo, blog campaign, travel stories, journey, self love, meditation, reiki, letting go, declutter
shalzmojosays, travel stories, blogchatter, alexa rank, myfriendalexa, shalini baisiwala
shalzmojosays, travel stories, blogchatter, alexa rank, myfriendalexa, shalini baisiwala
shalzmojosays, travel stories, blogchatter, alexa rank, myfriendalexa, shalini baisiwala
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Passionate about everything design, I am in love with photography, travel and baking. My writing journey was initiated with my letter writing hobby as a child and has metamorphosised into serious blogging. I indulge with reading fantasy fiction, day dreaming and sipping good wine.

24 thoughts on “Life is a journey

  1. Hey I need a better pic of your vision board , even though I know we shall be talking about it over chai but – was that baking/cooking and meditation and self-love and light & shine that I spotted out there . I bet there is chasing creativity too..

    also you and I need to talk all day long about our theories of self love and how we should start some kind of sisterhood for it !

    1. Stories of self love and starting a sisterhood on that!?! Whoa!!! Yessssss lets do that. Why do we need to work and make money… I just want to do so much more but…..
      Vision board better pics will be up soon in the next blog. Its been all Me, meditation and setting free actually. Shall enthrall you soonest in my next posting…. till then keep reading

    1. Hey Rajlakshmi so glad you liked what you read – its brought joy to my writing for sure.
      YUp that voucher was the best thing that happened this week – already ordered books on flipkart!! Cheers

  2. Wow, Shalini! I am so happy with the look of your blog. I will definitely come back to your space for I love it! It’s absolutely neat and pretty <3 I think you'll have to help me deign mine better 🙂
    Congratulations on winning the bluestone contest. You truly deserved it for your knowledge on gems! You know, I'm so glad to connect with you. Cheers and keep writing. Don't delete what you write. If you don't want to publish. Keep in draft. Maybe some day later, you can edit and publish it <3
    Kohl-Eyed Me
    Something’s Cooking

    1. Oh womaniya!! You have made me so so happy with such lovely words of praise. I am dying of ultimate joy 0 did you say your blog needs help? What are you smoking- can I have some of it pls??? Yours looks so beautiful and is one of my inspirations. But hearing its neat and pretty – feels so good *puffs up with joy*
      Thanks – wining that competition was just amazing!
      And ditto on the connect- i am looking forward to knowing and growing some more together….
      Holding your advise close to my blogging heart!
      Much joy n love!

    1. Thanks so much Parul. Yeah Benares is a great homing place for me as I did my favourite project there. Where is your hometown?

    1. It was a pretty awesome workshop. The lifestyle coach was just fabulous. Her words were so inspiring and she made it all fun n games all the way.
      Thanks a tonne Tina for stopping by. Cheers

    1. Thanks for such sweet words of praise. My blogging journey needs to get a serious upgrade. Its great to be connected with so many good bloggers and learning from all.

  3. I will discuss with you about the vision board. Your journey has been amazing which I am so glad! I know why you were insisting now to visit your beautiful site. 🙂
    More power to you and your lovely blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much darling. I knew you would connect with it. Looking forward to the vision board conversation. I think you, me n Chandni need to do a threesome on this soon

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