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When & how I found my blogging mojo


Monday evening, doorbell rings and I am wondering who it could be?
Open door to hear someone say, “Madame aapka parcel hai!”
Hopeful, I sign for it and yessss it’s from Santa!!!! You heard it right I have a discovered a Santa Claus who rewards me for being good …….

Years of moaning n groaning about my blogging, I discovered Blogchatter – a blogging community with great presence on Twitter. Attended some of their weekly chat sessions, and I was hooked plus got enmeshed with some fantastic peeps who love to share their blogging knowledge and skills to help out a total dummy like me.

When they launched a campaign called #MyFriendAlexa I pushed myself to get into it, without really understanding what it was all about. I just knew that I had to get my blogging mojo back and this was the way to do it.

And then I discovered what it was all.about – I fainted in pure terror at the tenacity of the task at hand.. No seriously I did!!!

“This isn’t for a fainthearted like me,” I reasoned.
“I am a newbie with zero SEO skills.”
“I can’t even design my blog to my liking.”

The campaign was for enhancing the Alexa ranking which is basically a system for analysing and collecting information on blog traffic and awards a number to each blog based on this. Lower the number, the better it is.

I began the journey by opting for a self hosted platform (Gulp! H.U.G.E. step!!) and moved from the safe and comfortable environs of a free blog on wordpress to hostmyblog which is this wonderful company with amazing support for users wanting to host their own sites. An awesome team that pushes one to not give up and just get going with it. Plus they had a great deal in the offing too for that month. So here I was with my very own blog….. Now WHAT???

My Alexa rank was 0 for the first few days or maybe a week as the site was new. Then I got a number 15,776,751!!

I stuck it out for the month.
I read more than the recommended dose of 4 blogs a day.
I shared on Twitter and Stumbleupon diligently.
I followed a regular posting schedule as mandated.
I interacted with other bloggers.
I asked dumb questions fearlessly.

I tried to follow the absolutely mind numbing SEO guidelines (I still havent understood most of them)
And all through it, I watched my rank drop……….

It was like magic, seriously the way the numbers kept dipping and on 30th September 2016, the last day of the campaign it stood at less than 50% from where I started; at under 7 Lakhs. I was stupefied at my numbers and couldn’t grasp my amazing Alexa movement.

Still I wasn’t expecting to be declared a winner . I had seen such brilliant blogs in this journey that the thought didn’t even cross my mind. So imagine my utter surprise when I was announced as the first runner-up!!

And today the loot for it had arrived in the guise of some yummy stationary. Could a junkie ask for more?

Spurred by Alexa success, I had undertaken the next campaign of daily blogging with the Ultimateblogchallenge or the #dailychatter wherein I am writing everyday (well! skipped  a few days but will be writing backdated posts) and then onwards with the November campaign of #blogbuddy

Onwards…Tally Ho………pioneers and pirates – all aboard!!!!

 Posting my day 25 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

I am a #blogbuddy with blogchatter

Shalini-Baisiwala - b;ogchatter-dailychatter-ultimate-blog-challenge

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26 thoughts on “When & how I found my blogging mojo

  1. Wow ! From 0 to 15 million in a month !! Unbelievable journey 🙂
    Blogchatter truly has helped you find your mojo. Another feather in their cap :).
    Very well expressed Shalz 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Ramya- it feels so good and yes am basking and beaming in all its glory!! 😉 Looking forward to Blogbuddy…..

  2. Wow that’s a great journey… I hadn’t discovered BlogChatter during September.. or perhaps I had but didn’t give it much of a thought.. I wish I had.. I always feel like a newbie, no knowledge about SEO or how to tackle it.. I would like to join the Twitter chats… Hadn’t noticed about that yet…
    I am participating in UBC and daily chatter.. hope to take part in upcoming campaigns too

    1. Hey Pratikshya glad to see you on board. Its going to be a great ride together with blogchatter. Please do join in the twitter chats and ping me if I can be of any help.

    1. Thanks Rohan. I am also excited baout Blogbuddy. All the best to the magical pot – lets all put our best foot forward and have some awesomest fun!

  3. Great going Shalz .. you are doing so well.. In over a month youve taken up so many new initiatives and nailed them.
    Blog buddy couldnt have happened at a better time for you.. you would gain immensely from it and your enthusiasm and positive energy would be of great value to the team too!
    have loads of fun..

    1. Thanks so much Chandni. Even I cantbelieve that I am doing so well on my blog- its a long pending wish and feels awesome to see it come true.
      All thanks to this amazing community of bloggers – kudos to Blogchatter!

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