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#FridayFiction: Its your wifely duty!!!



“Not tonight Kushal. I have my periods”, Ananya moaned sleepily.

He continued kissing her. “Please Kushal”, Ananya protested.

But he didn’t take any heed and pressed on with his affections.
Ananya lay still in hope, and it worked when Kushal pushed her away roughly.
“You are my wife”, he growled. “And I want you right now.”
“Kushal you know why I am saying no”, Ananya said softly.
“You just don’t want me anymore, is there anyone else?” Kushal was working up his anger now.
Ananya could feel the fight building between them. It had become almost a daily feature. He would have a few drinks and then come to the room expecting sex with her.

“Why doesn’t he ever understand that the lovemaking would be pleasurable if she would be into it as much as he is.”

More and more Ananya got the feeling that for Kushal this was a mere act while she ached for the romance and tenderness of lovemaking.

“You do realise what happens when a man is denied his right by his wife?” he spat out. ” This is why men look for sex outside marriage. Dont blame me later.”

She had tried several times to explain to Kushal what she wanted but to no avail.
“But sex for me is not about just the physical act. I miss the tenderness of the lovemaking. I want to feel loved and wanted.” Ananya had reasoned.
“You know your head is simply filled with this silly stuff from your stupid romantic novels. I have married you and brought you into my house. We live in this beautiful villa in one of the most prestigious society in Gurgaon,  you have your Honda, you have a modular kitchen that many women would kill for and I have paid for all the god damned cookery classes you wanted to join.”
“What more can I do to show you that I love you. You’re my wife; my responsibility and I am taking good care of you so when I expect sex at night why is it such a big problem for you?”

“I perform my husband’s duty down to the last T; but when it’s your turn you shirk from me. If this is how cold you were, I don’t blame your poor first husband for dumping you!” raged Kushal.

” I can’t believe you are taunting me about my first marriage, especially since you know the truth”.
“I’m just saying I don’t blame him if this is how you were with him”, Kushal said derisively.
Ananya couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Her first husband had been gay; so no question of a sex life between them.
But Kushal loved to humiliate and hurt her to appease his ego; and this all got to her.
She was finding it more and more difficult to find reasons to stay in this marriage.
Writer’s note:
Too many men expect sex from their wife; never mind if she is not keen on it. They expect it as a rightful demand for all the money they spend on them. Marital rape in not a recognised crime in India. So my dear reader what should Ananya do? Maybe you could advise her on this?

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12 thoughts on “#FridayFiction: Its your wifely duty!!!

  1. Agree with Rohan. There is no point for a financially independent woman to stay in such a marriage where he doesn’t respect her and cannot understand No means No. You’ve expressed it in such a powerful manner and the tale in many households.

    1. But thats the problem; she is not financially independent. She was never taught any skill or vocation other than household work. So walking out is scary for her. Plus this is her second marriage.Stay tuned – more coming up

  2. It is easier said than done..It is Ananyas second marriage and now instead of just running away..she should try to make things work but if even then its same..she should take a firm decision and leave him.

    1. I agree- she doesnt have any options to go back to her parents house as they will not tolerate it plus she cant earn for herself. Now what would she do – stay tuned.

    1. We can never predict who we land up with in our lives; even after meeting several times, its difficult to gauge a person’s character and strengths. Didnt want to make anyone sad – cheer up She is going to get out of her troubles and with a flair.

  3. A powerful story.
    As said by people above, divorce is the best option. But then again, many people lose their way and as in the context the ego kicks in, because the bread winner of the house has his money into everything fancy. Perhaps, making them understand that paying for something doesn’t earn one’s respect, caring for them does. I feel that one chance should be given just to make the egomaniac here to understand his rightful place. And if that doesn’t work out, then going separate ways is the best option.

    1. Hey Ajay so good to see you on my blog; many thanks for such a detailed and heartfelt opinion. Ananya is going to try her level best with Kushal as walking out is a very sad option for her. Stay tuned for more updates on her life.

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