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#FridayFiction: Man proposes, woman disposes!


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Naina picked up her favourite red hibiscus iced tea from the counter and found a comfy window seat in her favourite Starbucks. She wanted to answer some of her pending emails before her date joined her.

Yeah, you heard it right! She had a date with Mrigank, 37 who delved into the mysteries of the Tarot while working as a Six Sigma trainer in an IT company. If she was honest, it was his “mystical” side that had her intrigued. He had admitted on the Truly Madly chat that he could read faces very accurately.

“Alright Mister you are on”, thought Naina. “Lets see what you tell me about myself.” She was quite excited to meet a soothsayer as a date. “First time for everything,” she had bemusedly told herself when things seemed to click on the chat.

As she sat waiting, she indulged in her favourite hobby of  openly observing people around her and then forming opunions in her head. “Hey, this is research for my artworks,” she would always reason to herself.

The couple on her right seemed to be in the middle of the most bizzare PDA; the guy had started to kiss the fingertips of the girl’s left hand and was now working his way up her arm, totally oblivious to the spectacle he was creating. To give her credit, the girl was squirming self consciously and trying to pull her hand away. But the gentleman was in ardent throes of passion and wouldnt let up. Suddenly he yelped in pain and dropped her hand. Atta girl! she had kicked him in the shins. That stopped loverboy who now pouted sulkily while his lady love tried to cool down his anger (and ardour) with some stern words. ” You know I dont like all this in public babu “, she cooed softly, stroking his arm. Naina rolled her eyes in her head while lover boy said sorry in the most petulant tones and all was well in their cuckoo-land. “What a pair of dodos, Naina mused, “Ah well, they match each other.”

Further on sat a diva in a stylishly cut white summer dress which showed off her polished shoulders to perfection, Her carefully coiffuered hair do sat precariously on her head while she tapped her Aldo clad well heeled feet in tandem to the music in the cafe. A MK handbag kept her company on the couch while her Cartier watch glinted under the overhead light. Contrast this to her company who was the ultimate slob in a crumpled check shirt half pulled out of a denim shorts (with ragged ends) and black slip ons (chappals) on his feet; with his uncombed hair and half a day’s stubble. Either the lady was going for the overkill or the dude was totally oblivious to grooming and hygiene. “Wonder how they hooked up in the first place”, Naina pondered. “Maybe this is the first date. If so, definitely the last.”

Infact this was the trend at most tables. The girls were dressed to the nines while the guys competed to be the most slobbiest amongst them all. Naina was amused at this disparity and wondered how her date will be dressed. “Please god just let him have clean hands with no dirt under the fingernails. And clean shaven. And please no body odour”, Naina prayed freverently to the greek gods of romance)

” Hi, Naina?” queried a deep voice, shaking her out of her reveries. She looked up to see a Tall and broad shouldered man with deep set eyes which seemed to be twinkling at her, and a full on beehive of a beard on his face, beaming down at her.

Naina smiled and nodded her head while noting that he was dressed quite nicely in a chocolate brown Tee with a pair of clean denims and brown loafers with brown socks. (Yes, the guy could coordinate well, thought Naina while blowing a kiss at the greek gods; though whats with this beard!!!)

She beamed with joy when he proffered his hand, for she saw it was well manicured. (“And soft too”)

“Sorry, I got caught in a little traffic. Hope I didnt make you wait for long”, he asked politely.

Pleasanteries over, they got around to his face reading skills. Now that she was sitting in front of him, Naina realised this was not such a good idea. She felt too exposed under his all observing gaze. To give him credit, he was conducting the most clinical inspection of her face but Naina felt well and truly naked. “Ah! the hunter was the hunted now!!,” Naina mentally abused Karma and its ilk for her predicament.

He sat back and looked at her half expectant, half intimidated expression before bursting out in gales of laughter. “Dont look so petrified, I wont suss out all your secrets on our first date”, he promised teasingly. Naina blushed while his grin deepened some more.

“Infact, I will tell you only one thing today and if its correct, we go onto date number two and I will tell you something then. How about that?” he queried, magnimoniously. ( “Dude dont you think you should tone down the over confidence”, Naina thought peevishly)

” OK are you ready? You are someone who prefers honesty to beating around the bush and are often taken to task for being very blunt and objective”, he declared confidently.

“Ummm, no not at all. Infact I believe a lie told to avoid hurting someone is a good thing”, Naina ventured out in reply, secretly pleased that he got it wrong. (“Ha ha Mr. Soothsayer!! Naina thought amusingly)

” You are lying. You want to see me sweat a little,” Mrigank grunted out, scratching his beard a bit.

“Not at all. Its just that this happens to be untrue. May I ask how to arrived at this conclusion?”, Naina enquired sweetly.

“Its a science, I cant tell you my secrets. Ok let me try one more” , Mrigank continued, still scratching his beard

” Go ahead”, Naina replied, eyeing his beard scratching with a worried frown.

“You are indecisive and hate making decisions, prefering to leave it to someone else,” Mrigank stated boldly.

” Wrong again. I am an independent minded woman who knows what she wants and am not afraid to go for it”, Naina clarified. (“This dude is such a fake”)

Mrigank was now scratching his beard harder and to her horror she saw flaky white stuff falling out of it, straight into his black coffee.

“Emm. Are you okay?” Naina asked hesitatingly and watched in disbelief as he picked up his coffee cup and took a big swallow. (Eyuck!! Naina thought squeamishly, “Time to run .”)

“You are testing my patience”, he growled angrily, still scratching at his beard.

Scratch Scratch “I knew it. You are a tease.”

Scratch scratch “I knew the moment I saw you that you love to emasculate a man by contradicting him to the point of frustrating him.”

Scratch Scratch “All the time working on your foxy ways to lure him into you.”

Naina…………………………what else…………… ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Writer’s note:

When I was composing this post, I was stuck between two ideas for it. A blogger friend suggested I post both as two different realities in an alternate dimension.So watch out for the other version tomorrow. Waiting with bated breathe to see which one will be liked more and why.

Posting my day 13 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016 through fictional series which will become a regular feature on my blog under #FridayFiction

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10 thoughts on “#FridayFiction: Man proposes, woman disposes!

  1. This was really funny.I liked how your made us uncomfortable with his scratching too.Love the branded lady in white.
    I could practically see her.What was the heroine wearing?

    1. Wow! Amrita – do you have any idea how much you have made by day by saying that!?! Love your support and feedback.
      I will detail out her outfit today as you are curious – alternative ending to this story coming up! Hope you will stay tuned for it….

    1. Ha ha – yeah its actually something I get revolted seeing too. Glad you are connecting with this series, am sooooo happy!

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