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#FridayFiction: Saying it with flowers is the best way!


Juggling the paint brushes, Naina opened the door to be greeted by the florist delivery boy, yet again.


This time it was an exotic arrangement of hot pink roses mixed with some white orchids and the card that read

“An apology has three parts 

I am sorry

It’s my fault

And what can I do to make it right”

Ooh was she loving this! Ever since the dinner faux pas a week ago, Tapan had been sending her embarrassingly huge floral expressions; each accompanied with very creatively hand written apology notes.

In fact the dinner had ended on such a sweet note too. And by that she wasn’t just referring to the desert though each was yummier than the next, but the heartfelt apology she had received from Tapan who had berated himself for assuming too much and ordering without asking her preferences.

Her favourite card was with the one which had come with the two dozen red roses.

“I feel so ashamed that I showed my worst side to the best thing that has happened to me. I am sorry.”

red-roses-#fridayfiction- floral-bouquet-two-dozen-dating

Smiling, she placed this one on her dresser as she wanted to see it first thing on waking up. She texted as much to Tapan while thanking him for another gorgeous bouquet.

Hoping to see him soon, she hummed a little to herself while going back to work on the artwork. But her mind was on him or rather on the long conversations they had started having on what’s app, Skype and phone since he had taken off for some work travel immediately after their date.

The conversations ranged from Tagore’s poetry to George Lucas’s Star wars epic; whether books were better or the movie made on them and travel tales of places each one of them had visited and were yet to visit.

Oh yes this time the God of dates had come through for her and she was letting the feeling of being in a relationship sink into her system.

Well not yet a relationship, she corrected herself, but heading there surely. After all they had had only two dates so far. She smiled while remembering a conversation she had had with Tapan over the “Three date rule”. She didn’t go by numbers and would wait to feel comfortable with him before taking the next step.

“Not even a kiss goodnight?” Tapan had cajoled her. “We will see how it goes”, had been her response.

She did wonder about the dating rules of 2016; were they so much different from say a decade ago?

Are there really dating rules?

She had discussed this with her girlfriends and each had told her to set her own pace and not get pressured by the guy to get into the physical aspects of it. She could compile a dating how-to if she ever documented these conversations and her dating experiences, she thought amused.

In fact she remembered when she was just about ready to throw the towel on the dating via apps and Angie had prevailed on her to give it some more time. Some diligent pen scratching and she had a list up.

To be continued……….

Posting my day 27 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016 through fictional series which will become a regular feature on my blog under #FridayFiction

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