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#Fridayfiction: Tit for Tat, my darling!

#Friday Fiction

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12.30 pm: “Auntie your bag is moving and jumping “, said a little voice.

Her reverie broken, Ananya looked up at an adorable little girl who was pointing at her handbag in which she had dropped her phone a while back.

She fished it out and was alarmed to see 37 missed calls. “Damn Kushal and his high handedness”, thought Ananya exasperated.

“I will go home when I am good and ready”, she told herself firmly. Since it was getting warmer in the park, she decided to head to her salon and indulge in a pamper session and dropped Kushal a message for the same.

12.45 pm: The phone finally stopped buzzing when she reached the parlour. She heaved a sigh of relief as it had been only half an hour since she had put down the phone on him.

An hour or two of pamper session will give her the requisite courage to face him for she had finally decided to leave him. She could no longer abide his cruelty, the jealous fits and unreasonable questioning of her whereabouts at all times.

Thoroughly sated after her salon session, Ananya drove home with a quite determination in her aura. She will not back down today. “What will my parents say? No, no I will not worry about this now”, she pushed away this clamour with a firm resolution.

3.00 pm: She let herself in with her key into a quiet house. “Too quiet”, she thought, alarmed.

Scrunch! She had trodden onto some thing. She looked down to see broken bits on plastic and glass on the floor. “It’s a cellphone”, she thought incredulously, “He broke his phone in a fit of rage”.

Calling out his name, she peered into the bedroom. He wasn’t there. She checked the key stand and his car keys were missing.

“Damn! He must be just driving around or maybe Akash would know. I will wait a bit before giving him a call, he will be cooled down by that time.”

Ananya cleaned up the house, burned some camphor to soothe her nerves and waited for Kushal to cool down and call her. “Let me make some chicken for dinner”, she planned in her head while rummaging the fridge for veggies.

4.30 pm: Ananya had the house settled, dinner cooking and sat down with her favourite book. But the moment she sat down, she realised she was too restless. All the pending energy since the turmoil of finding him gone resurfaced and she started pacing the house.

5.00 pm: Still no call from Kushal.

5.30 pm: He should walk in any time now.

It was four hours since his last call, now Ananya was worried. She called up Akash.

“Nope, he is not with me. In fact I haven’t spoken to him for two days. What’s up, you sound stressed? Is he fighting with you again? Are you ok?” he queried worriedly.

She quickly related the day’s tale. “Don’t panic. He must be with Abhi- let me find out,” he hung up after re assuring her.

She resumed her pacing, deliberating calling his mom and her parents. They will all blame her for stressing him out. Suddenly it dawned on her what would have happened if they had had the talk today – “what if he over reacts over that too?” She sat down, defeated. “How will this become right, ever?”

6.00 pm : The phone rang. It was Akash. He had called up a bunch of friends and they had all been making calls at various places but no one has seen or heard from Kushal today. They were trying more leads but maybe she should check with his mom – maybe he is there?

6.10 pm: Ananya dredged up the courage and dialled her mom-in-law. After the perfunctory greetings, she asked the burning question and waited….

“No he is not. What has happened? Why don’t you know where he is?” the questions shot out in a static burst from her.

“Oh my god. You wretched girl. Why must you always stress him out? You havent even given him a son as yet”, the familiar barrage of taunts started.

Akash promised to call up Aunty and keep her updated for Ananya, when she relayed the news to him.

9.00 pm: Still no sign of him. No phone call. Her mom-in-law was now calling her hysterically every ten minutes. Akash had called up some of his office buddies too, but no one had heard from Kushal. One of the friends had a brainwave and went out to check the toll post to see if Kushal’s car had passed from there. They checked all the tolls, one by one but weren’t able to get any answer.

The worry had spread to his office and the HR had also called her. They had spoken to the police but a FIR can only be filed after 24 hours of a person being missing.

11.00 pm: Ananya was besides herself with worry now. She had no more gods left to bargain with anymore. She still hadn’t called her parents and was now dreading the call even more.

11.30 pm : Akash came over to stay with her. He looked exhausted too. “Dont worry. He is not stupid!”

“Well , yeah he can be an idiot at times but don’t think the worst right now”,saying he hugged her.

“Lets have some dinner”.

” I can’t”, she whispered brokenly. ” This is all my fault.”

1.00 am: Sleep eluded them both and they had nothing to talk about either. Just sat like two statues on the couch while the hands of the clock kept moving.

2.00 am: Click! The door opened and Kushal walked in.

” Oh man, are we glad to see you”, Akash cried out while jumping up to hug him.

Ananya’s relief gave out in big sobs while Kushal walked into the bedroom. He hadn’t bothered to even talk to her.

“Where were you?” asked Akash.

“Oh I felt like a drive, so drove to Jaipur and back”, he said so coolly as if this was a normal thing to do.

“Do you know how worried we all were? Have you any idea what Ananya’s been through? Your mom? Why couldn’t you call someone from somewhere to inform about your whereabouts?” Akash was furious with him now.

“I didn’t have my cellphone, you see”, he was still talking in that cool voice.

” Are you insane? Who does this sort of thing? Why are you being such a heartless monster? Why must you torment me?” Ananya couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Her anger made Kushal smile.

” Now you know what I went through in the afternoon, my darling. Its called tit for tat!”

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6 thoughts on “#Fridayfiction: Tit for Tat, my darling!

  1. Ananya would be best to leave Kushal now and end the marriage before a pregnancy results. What a toxic relationship. Although I can sympathize with her being married to a control freak, there’s a big element of immaturity in her behavior, too.

    1. Thanks Alana- thats my thought precisely and am trying to extricate her from this sordid saga- do stay tuned.
      Love to hear you elaborate how you find her immature – viewpoint to look forward to! Cheers

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