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#FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2



“You are not Pratyush?” Naina exclaimed in shock. What’s going on with this guy?

“I am Vishwas and that over there is my friend Pratyush,” he said pointing to a table behind her where she could see a couple in conversation.
Perplexed, she looked at her coffee companion. “Is this some sort of joke? You are carrying the book!”
“I wish I could say yes but that’s not so. You see we are best friends and both had asked a girl out for a date today and at the same place so that we could both judge each other’s choice and give moral support too. I had snatched the book from Pratyush to tease him and was just going to return it to him, when you walked up and the moment I saw you…….., he trailed off with a self-conscious shrug.
Naina didn’t know whether to be upset or flattered!! Well at least it explains his weird behaviour. “So, now what?” she asked.
Vishwas shrugged and looked over at his friends table where the two people seemed to have just concluded their business as well. The lady looked upset, but Pratyush looked murderous. He cocked his head at Naina and looked at Vishwas who nodded his head.
Naina watched the other gentleman ( real Pratyush) walk over to their table. He smiled sincerely at Naina, ” my friend is too much of a prankster and I really apologise for this confusion that we both put you through. Please forgive us.”
Naina nodded slightly, still in a daze at the turn of events. (Ah! no beard and that voice is just so deep and gravelly)
Vishwas looked a bit abashed too. He was also curious about the date his friend just had, but didn’t want to ask yet.
“How about some of their famous lemon cake, you love it, right?” Pratyush continued, looking hopefully at Naina.
“On one condition – you tell all about your date, as she had the same experience as me but you looked more upset than her. So what was all that about?” Naina bargained as she felt hopeful of getting to know the guy she had been chatting with and liked.
“Oh god! Don’t get me started. I am going to kill you Vishwas,” Pratyush groaned out. “You ruined my date with Naina. I wish I could rewind time and make you have the date I just had, for that was your intended date. It would have served you so right.”
” I don’t get it. The lady I liked was younger and much prettier,” Vishwas blurted out. “And what do you mean served me right, What are you getting at?”

“That’s because she used someone else’s picture on her profile and lied about all her details,” Pratyush revealed. “Had you been on that date, the joke would really have been on you.”

Writer’s note:

I am greatly in love with the works of Roald Dahl – a master of twists and tales in story telling. Today’s post is named after one of his very famous tales “The Great Switcheroo” and the content too is “inspired” somewhat from it. I have taken the liberty of again splitting this story into two and this is the second part.

Posting my day 16 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016 through fictional series which will become a regular feature on my blog under #FridayFiction

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11 thoughts on “#FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2

    1. Hey thanks so much Raklakshmi – lets see how this date pans out for our heroine is getting very tired of these no shows… 😉

    1. I know Amrita. I have heard it from so many of my friends that while dating, this is a commom place thing to happen. I am amzed at how people do this for when you will meet up, the truth will come out and it will be so embaressing…. I have some more coming up, so stay tuned

    1. I know Deepa – the poor thing was swindled by that prankster freind of Pratyush. Lets see what happens next..Do come back for more.

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