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#FridayFiction: The “stand-up” comedian


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Still ruminating her luck at the Marilyn Monroe moment, Naina walked into Cafe DiGhent where her bookclub was meeting. Almost everyone was there, she could see all the books arrayed on the tables while coffee/tea was being ordered by all. Smiling her hellos, she plonked in the cornermost seat by the window from where she could see the puffs of clouds floating in the bright blue Gurgaon skies.

Her mind was still on her date and his smile. She couldn’t help reflecting how soft-spoken he had been and the way he had paid attention to her conversation.

“I think Chetan Bhagat is an absolute fraud and should be beaten up for writing such trash”, piped up a vehement voice in the group, forcing Naina back to the present. (Oops she had better pay attention here)

“Oh come on. He got a vast majority of the population to read – that’s a hardy accomplishment”, somebody else defended him.

His nails were so well-trimmed; he obviously took pains over his personal grooming. Not to mention, he was clean-shaven. Her reverie was broken as her phone buzzed.

“It was my pleasure to meet such a free-spirited lady and I can’t wait to connect with her again.”

Oh my god! He was already texting her!!! Naina freaked a little but a sweet smile played around her lips as she re-read the message. (This looks promising, finally)

She flashbacked to her first date through Truly Madly when she had just started out six months back. She had chosen Starbucks in CyberCity to meet up as it was quite a bustling place plus she made plans to hook up for dinner with some of her girlfriends. A cup of coffee should be enough to meet him and know him some some.

Oh my he was tall, she thought when she saw him coming towards her. This was Kabir – 29, CA, running his own company in Gurgaon plus travelled a lot to the Middle east for work. His eyes lit up when he saw her and she could read hearty male appreciation in them. (OK this was flattering)

Polite chit-chat, ordered cold coffees which he fetched and then he got down to interrogating her. (not kidding)

“How much money is there to make as an artist?” ( Yeah, I am a starving artist)

“Are you able to make enough to do some savings for a rainy day?” (He can’t be serious)

“How much rent are you currently paying? Why don’t you just invest in a one BHK somewhere?” (Oh god no….)

Naina sipped her coffee calmly while he prattled about investments and money………. (Damn this guy is supa boring)

Then he switched topics to partying and how much he enjoyed a weekend full of fun after a gruelling work week. He worked hard and partied harder, it seemed.

Party was the key word to get him hopping, because all of a sudden he was more animated and chirpy. He played the guitar and loved to jam with some of his buddies. (Now we are getting somewhere)

Soon he started talking about this girl he met in a party; they connected well and things became physical between them. “I respect women the next morning for I am a liberal male. I don’t judge their character if they sleep with me.” He declared generously.

( Ohhkkkayyyy…….)

“Then she became very clingy after four months for all she wanted to talk about was where were we in the relationship”, he lamented. “How could she think that I would want something serious with her? She had obviously been sleeping with other men before me.” (Alright… I am ready to run now)

“Women find me hard to resist and that’s a big problem for me!” he stated matter-of-factly. “I try to be polite and let them down nicely.” ( Arent you such a gentleman and a modest one at that !!!!!!!)

” This one time I was at a bar in Dubai – Four Seasons, you know and this “blackie” woman started hitting on me. I cant tell you how hideous she was to look at”, he stated with a shudder.  ( Naina – run………..)

” Her blackie-ness was such a turn-off that even the hair on my arms would be hard pressed to stand up, let alone any of my body parts.”

Epilogue: He messaged to check when would be their next date!!!!



Posting my day 4 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016 through fictional series which will become a regular feature on my blog under #FridayFiction

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    1. Thank you Vishal – this is partially true as its “inspired” from a true story…. stay tuned whole of October for more..

    2. You won’t believe how much it’s changed… There are new rules and new gimmicks… Stay tuned as they will all be revealed soonest

    1. Ha ha Rohan, guru gram is not official as yet so let it be gud-gawan for now
      Happy to hear you liked it. Stay tuned this entire October as more is coming.

    1. Aaaaah Mayuri now my day is made. I never knew I could write fiction. In fact my blog was never about fiction and look at me now…. What have you bloggers done to me

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