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#FridayFiction: To date or not to date is the question

Date Fate

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“You can’t give up now! Its been only a month Naina since you started to date,” Angie exclaimed while trying to snatch her phone to stop her from deleting her profile on the dating app.

“I have had it with all these jerks and bigots with over idealistic talks who fall flat on their face once I meet on a date with them. Its been a bloody waste of time for no rhyme and reason,” Naina cried out.

“I cant believe I listened to all of you. You know I can write a thesis on the dating to-dos of today’s times now,” Naina said grimly.”I can tell you exactly how to red flag a profile and not even think about dating some of these idiots.”

” Oh really Miss expert, lets hear you, ” Angie taunted her. “Lets compile a manual of Naina’s dating how-to”.

“You are on,” Naina hifived her friend and came up with this list of :

Thirteen gospels of Naina’s dating handbook.

E-stalking: Thats your best bet to check out a potential date and his claims… So don’t be shy about checking him out on the social media. Chances are you might find out a common link sometimes who could verify things for you.

Backup plan: Keep it simple for the first meeting and meet for a cup of coffee. Have a backup plan of an excuse to meet with a friend later on as the date might not go to well or the person might want to spend more time on it than you.

Indian Stretchable time: If he can’t be on time to meet you or call you to let you know he is running late; then he is probably not worth your time anyways.

Interested or not: If he is into checking his phone or the TV screen or worse checking out every woman who walks into the café while on a date with you; R.U.N………………

Making a mark: If he talks about his ex s with disdain or showing off; time to re-evaluate your interest in him. You could end up as a notch on his bedpost too.

How many dates is enough: 5 dates is what most agree to as being ample time to know not only if a guy is genuinely into you but also if you are into him.

Coupling game: If he is not interested in socializing with your and/or his friends as a couple; this one is just into time pass and a physical relationship with you. So if that’s all that you are into and its 10/10 – stick to it.

Hobo Gobo: He has started dressing up as a slob or comes unshaven for the dates; let him know that it shows a waning interest in the dating game and he shouldnt get so comfortable, ever. If he corrects it, great ; otherwise you know what to do.

Honesty is the best policy: Keep it simple and honest, to keep it consistent. Lies have a habit of building up and then exploding in your face.

Acceptance is key: Do your pro and con list and see what you can live with in him and what you can’t. But don’t go along thinking ” I will change him later”. That aint happening in the real world sistah!

Great Expectations: It’s best to communicate your true intentions of being out on a date at the first go. So state your sexual intentions early on to avoid disappointments later. It’s also a good way to know whether you both are on the same page or not.

Know thyself: Dont go looking for a complete man to complete you. Evaluate your self-worth and know what/who you are. Definitely don’t look for someone because you are lonely and the other person will fulfill a void. It takes two to tango and he will have some expectations too.

Who pays: Last but not the least, its great if the guy insists on being a gentleman or old school and wants to pay; but ladies don’t shy away from doing so too. Afterall we all glory in our liberal sensibilities. So whoever asks out, pays – as simple as that.

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