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#FridayFiction: An App a date, keeps the nags away.



Tilting the mirror towards her, she re-applied her lipstick for the umpteenth time, still unsure if it was too bright. Alright let’s do this, she mentally geared herself for the task ahead.

She parked her car and starting walking towards the mall entry, her heels clicking rhythmically. Damn the day had turned a tad bit windy, entangling her summery dress between her legs as she walked. Maybe it was not a good idea to have worn this. But then the whole thing was a bad idea, her scepticism was on the rise again and she mentally berated herself for listening to her crazy friends. I mean who finds a date via an app of all things?

She had been divorced 5 years now and her friends had been pushing her to start dating while the family was pushing her to post her profile on a matrimonial site. A true romantic at heart, Naina was disdainful of both the ideas. At 32, she still cherished the dream of being swept off her feet by a TDH stranger who would just ‘bump’ into her. She had gotten used to being accused of being a dreamer, but then she was an artist who believed with all her heart in the whimsy, colours and magic of life.

But after a couple of years of extremely unsuccessful dating episodes of being set up indiscriminately on blind dates by well-intentioned friends and cousins, she agreed to make a profile on Truly Madly– an online dating app which had some great reviews from users and business analysts alike.

Upload some pics, fill in some preferences and personal data and get browsing. That had been the easy part.

She had been unprepared for the barrage of male choices thrown at her by the app, initially. She soon learned to fine tune the preferences to limit the onslaught. Still, she had to admit it was kind of liberating to select a ‘date’ from a selection of 20 men  almost like a swayamwar! And it was all anonymous, till a hit was made.

Few chatting instances and she quickly learned how to distinguish between married and unmarried men, serious and non-serious ones. Ugh! Too many men just wanted a thing on the side or a quick hookup. Not happening boss, ruminated Naina.

Then  she had connected with  Tapan, a financial analyst, 35, divorced and loved to travel. They had gotten past the usual pleasantries quickly enough and decided on meeting up. Hence today’s date.

She had worked out a strategy to handle the date and her nerves.

Choose a popular cafe – Check

Make sure it has multiple entries; if she didn’t like his looks, she will just walk out quickly – Check

Have a backup plan to ensure date doesn’t linger on – Check

She congratulated herself on being smart enough to schedule her date the same day as her booklcub meeting; this way he wouldn’t expect it to last as long as he liked.

Shit! Cafe Delhi Heights had the most jumbo jar for lemonades it will take aeons to finish. Please god don’t let this date be painful! (The mental commentary was on in full flow inside Naina’s head)

Smoothing her dress, she pushed the door open and quickly looked around and saw couples or groups mostly.Only one single guy was seated in one of the secluded booths and had his back to the door. (Damn!)

She walked up confidently and smiled as he looked up. (Lord he was better looking in person than the pics)

He stood up, introduced himself while meeting her eyes the entire time. (No leery sideways looks at her boobs – decent guy!)

Then he waited till she sat down, before seating himself. (OK +10)

They got past basic chitchat and ordered some drinks. She a lemonade , he a beer. (Hmmm)

He let her talk and listened with a polite interest, interjecting a comment here and there to keep it flowing. (+10 more)

No playing with his phone or checking it every ten minutes. (+10, I am running out of points by now)

She was surprised to hear him admit how lame he thought this app thing was too. He had been persuaded by one of his best friends too to just try it out once. “And I am glad I did”, he confessed  a tad bash fully.

Before long an hour flew by while they discovered common grounds and a shared spirit of adventure. He glanced at his watch and asked her if she had to leave. Wow! This guy was conscientious too.(Another +10)

They started winding up and she felt his reluctance at her having to go. He picked up the tab, despite her protests to pay her half. He smiled and said, “Next time it’s your turn. I am just ensuring a second date.” (Not bad, that was smooth.)

They walked out and it seemed he was going to walk her to her bookclub do. She quickly turned around to make a smooth goodbye when the darn wind decided to give her a Marilyn Monroe moment by blowing up her dress.

Mentally cursing the wind, the idea to wear the dress, to listen to her friends, to come on a date; hoping against hope that he hadn’t noticed, she looked at him and caught him smiling with a twinkle in his eye. (Damn men) 

“I am so glad I logged into this app and am really looking forward to our next one”, he said quietly.


Posting my day 3 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016 through fictional series which will become a regular feature on my blog under #FridayFiction


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